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How to Travel Cheap

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Hope you find these 8 tips on planning + budgeting travel helpful! I use these tricks to keep my travel as affordable and frequent as possible. If you have any questions, leave a comment! I’ll respond to as many as I can!

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Josh Katz says:

Got any questions about how I travel? Leave a comment and I'll respond to as many as I can (and possibly make follow up videos on the bigger questions!)

Squid Tastic says:

Please support @psych.ig
The most positive Instagram out to date! 💞❤️❤️ have a blessed day

DIGIC X says:

Dear Josh You are the first person I've subscribed ❤❤❤

JW says:

This is crazy! I remember watching you back in 2015 about skateboarding, and now that i have choose to pursue photography i somehow stumbled upon your videos! Its amazing tbh

qtravelers says:

I too would rather take 4 smaller trips than one baller trip. Great video. Also, I love New Orleans ☺️

jamie reid says:

I just strap myself to a fat chick and then stick my finger up her ass for a few seconds and then pull it out. then she farts and goes flying, where ever she lands is where I vacation.

Mason Burke says:

I don’t know if you’re planning to skate while you’re in NOLA but my friend rents out the downstairs of his house and has a 6 foot half pipe spine ramp in the backyard

chubby unicoon says:

Looks like Robert Plant at 1:04

Cho Ls says:

Great vid! 0:43 song name pls

Cody Cline says:

its pretty cheap when your parents pay for it

Benzsy says:

I made a last minute trip to New York with less than 2 months planing. I don’t know if you remember but I DMd u for good food spots and you told me to go to prince st pizza ! Btw best pizza I’ve had !

Waynimations says:

I’ve been moving around recently and I’m loving it


Teach me how to kickflip again bro

Suke says:

as a swedish person paying for the outdoors is fucking absurd ngl.

Mike Nowlan says:

So you even skate anymore???????????

Michael Hancock says:

well done josh 🙂 plus who can get tired of that face

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