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How to Travel and Stay in LONDON on a BUDGET / ad

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London is notoriously an expensive city but you can still have an incredible time in England’s capital city if you plan it right!

Thanks to Imperial College for sponsoring this video.
You can book central cheap accommodation for this summer here:
MORE UK CONTENT – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2eiBxCh0xIq6jPtCiX06yIlGeEbnLbn0

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Elizabeth Tilley says:

I love doing walking tours (Strawberry Tours is great), often working a 'pay what you feel it's worth'/tip based model.

Miss Blueberry says:

Do you have to share the room ?

Zebo Ganiyeva says:

You are awesome. Thank you so much

Cat Milton says:

Fair play – London is one of my primary homes, and even I found this video to be fantastic! 🥳😎🥳 Nice one, and thanks!

hannahd79 says:

My favourite thing to do in london is visit the sky garden! It's basically a sky scraper with 360 views of the city but its a huge garden too! Best thing is its free to visit, you just have to book on their website 1 week before

Jess Everyday says:

I miss staying on college campuses while traveling! It's such a good way to see the sights – and usually the school's architecture is so spiffy. (Though in South Dakota I was more interested in the sheer number of rabbits on campus. It was amazing.)

marcia bettger says:

Love this video! You had some great ideas. Thank you!

The Thrifty Anglomaniac says:

Awesome! I was thinking of staying at Imperial when I go to London in the summer. 😁

TheBackpackingCouple says:

What a great idea! Great for digital nomads!

Bill McCaleb says:

I WANT A "Let's Go Bananas" T SHIRT!! …also you're getting close to 60k already, it was not too long ago you hit 50k!! Very happy for your success! And oh yeah, another excellent vlog!

Rosita La Rosa says:

Great tips! I live in London and didn't know about a couple of these websites (:

Nicole Preda says:

Love your videos always!! 😍♥️

Audrie Rivera says:

Hola, love your videos 😀✌

Hussein Kareem says:

Literally just got back from London today 😭

Nina Peulen says:

this is perfect I'm going to London this Monday!!! Thank you ❤️❤️


Backpacking Bananas is the best!!! He has been an extreme motivation to me and encouraged me to start doing my own adventures! I have decided to document/vlog every adventure I do in effort to show brutal yet glorious reality of the outdoors! Hopefully I don’t die hahaha, feel free to subscribe ! I really appreciate the support! Thanks again Backpacking Bananas!

Amélie says:

I'm going to London this year so thank you for the tips 🙂

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