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How to Travel and Stay in Europe on a Budget

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I walk you step by step on booking a flight, stay, transportation and planning for food costs on a hypothetical trip to Paris, France. My walk-through is fast, affordable, and cheap. But most importantly, travel will change your life. I you find this helpful, and please let me know any thing else I can do to help.

As promised here are the links mentioned in the video, as well as some of my other favorite travel websites:

Websites shown in the vlog:

Websites I didn’t show in the vlog:

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Transfertravel.com says:

Great Video

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Great video! If you want to fly cheap see also FREE Bruno's Guide to Discount Flights in Europe

Rik Knowles says:

Good video,a video about Thailand and Vietnam and that area would be cool

Delightful Travellers says:

Cool vids. Well done! We really liked it.

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