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How to Survive Your Toxic Family over the Holidays

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Are you stressed out about seeing your family over the holidays? Are some of you dreading it? Many of you don’t know if you are going to go or not, either way we need to do an assessment to understand the family dynamic and make the right choices this year instead of doing the same thing and getting the same horrible feelings and results.
Watch this video and get the answers and solutions you can use to benefit your life, making this season better, different, and you are more in control of your own destiny.
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Le says:

I divorced pretty much my entire family except for a select few sweet cousins. When I run into the toxics at the store or in public by chance, they continue to be negative and abusive. It’s really too much to deal with if you want to be healthy and happy!

Stroud Kelly 安乐 says:

Thanks for validating my thought processes, seriously this is just common sense.

lightwork11 says:

I had a relative who would sometimes bring me a gift of a necklace. It was always presented at a crowded shower or wedding. I had many reasons not to trust her and felt that she was trying to humiliate me. A normal sized necklace would not fit me and I would refuse to try it on at the party. I'd thank her profusely and tell her I'd try it on later. Then she would whine and sulk. Fortunately, most of my relatives are/were terrific which was lucky because it was a large family. The incidents with this woman were unending and I eventually avoided her altogether. You don't need to honor someone who does not treat you honorably.

Steven Lechner says:

Omg…so very timely. Excellent video.

Godzilla man streb says:

Thank you so much Ashley, I made my decision — I do not choose to spend time this holiday with my npd sister — I've always gone along with the plan and I'm 60 and literally nauseous when I spend time in her presence — I've waited way too long to stand up to her toxicity

Alex Klatt says:

I stopped celebrating X-mas when I learned its Pagan Origins of Saturnalia, birthday of the Sun god, a Roman pagan high holy day. (End of Problem.)

Jill Traver says:

I am very stressed this season, thank you so much for this❤️

Avi Bhattacharyya says:

Hi Ashley ……I am AVI from India …… I have never missed any of your videos ….I must say you are just the right person in this field …. Clear ….. To the point and very easy to understand …. Thank you …..

Frolicking Elf says:

These are some great questions for self-reflection and self-correction! I really appreciate the "taking responsibility for your own holiday" approach, without allowing the family-dynamic to swallow you, nor perpetuate the standard "roles" in toxic family settings. I am NOT a victim, and I ain't gonna play no'mo. I am learning, far too quickly, that toxic familys eat their own, and sometimes… it's far safer to save yourself! Thanks so much for this video.

Patricia Maunder says:

Making new traditions. Third act. Ty

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