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God speed.

INSTA: https://instagram.com/dazeofsam/
TWEETZ: https://twitter.com/dazeofsam


British Gamer says:

Who would dislike this

Tiara Smith actress says:

haha love this 😂

Serena Z says:

I found your channel at 11:30 pm trying to pull and all nighter, now watching all your videos. Btw, you are amazing and I am jealous of your hair.

Narwhal says:

#ConfusedFace Lol

XxXpertXxX says:

this is great content !
subscribed !
you should have at leas 30k sub's
and you can be the next Eminem !

Francesca Georgiou says:

I will text nan with you, even though christmas has passed

Ant (mrheavyhand) says:

Adele: instigating conversations about fascism since '88

Brandon Palmer says:

well…found your channel in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to stay up all night, aannd ended up watching all your videos… btw your my new favorite person :p

Davey Reilly says:

Well played!

Samantha Wicks says:

😂😂😂😂😂 hahahaha I love this !

Kelsey Thomson says:

I have the aunt who gets a bit too drunk, her boyfriend of the year who is generally a sexist ass, grandma who likes to insult people in quick succession, little brother who is in his know-it-all stage (cue political debates with idiotic aunty-boyfriend) and mother who gets stressed and inevitably ends up bickering with drunk aunt over thinly veiled childhood problems they've never managed to bury.

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