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How to Score The Best Travel Deals

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Many of us plan our trips with a simple google search. But sometimes great deals are not going to show up at the top of your results, so here’s how you dig a little deeper.

Rather than scrolling 4 or 5 pages in, try searching travel sites mentioned in the video, or even destination specific sites, like ChooseChicago.com and others (also in the video). Known as aggregation deal sites, these urls usually have a full edit staff who are actively looking for the best deals and itineraries that main search engines might not return on a basic search. And you can utilize the sites’ trip planning aspects with excellent values that will not show up on your basic toolbar search.

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Champagne Sylvie says:

🌟⭐ HELLO Paula ⭐🌟Cool tips, I really like your channel and your videos. They are perfectly made! 🌸
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Foxes on the Go says:

I love your video. Thanks for the tips! My family and I recently got back from a three week European vacation where we visited England, France, Italy and Greece. It was an amazing time. !- Michelle

DBlue Kids TV says:

Nice video , liked

Leon and Tash says:

We have been using this method for quite some time when planning our trips, but had never heard of Dunhill Travel deals, so thank you for that info. We also go a step further if we think there is a better deal to be had and use the aggregation sites to find which accomodation or tour is offering what we want and if it is still outside of our budget, we will then contact the hotel or operator direct and see if they will better the pricing if we book direct with them.
p.s We are loving the travel jokes, some classics in there πŸ™‚

Suhita's Kitchen Delight says:

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Danny Hauger says:

I like checking a few times, I sometimes get surprised by the travel deals.

Family Travel Vlog says:

Great tips. Will have to check some of these out

Mas Kidal says:

Nice and great,red button is done back pleaseπŸ™πŸ‘

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The Travels Of Z says:

I use some of the tricks and good to learn some new one πŸ™‚

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Thumbs up 10 and … FULL VIEW. Great video ! And I didn't even skip the ads to give full support !!

Just Let Me Travel says:

Nice great idea

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very nice content i love your presentation hello from Australia

Singing For The Creator says:

This is good info. Full view.

unowho travel channel says:

Hi, this is really useful, when you travel a lot, you need to watch the pennies! Thanks for sharing πŸ‘

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