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HOW TO SAVE THOUSANDS on Airline Tickets🛫 (Mistake Fares and Cheap Flights)

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Learn my secrets to save thousands of dollars on cheap international flights by monitoring the internet for error fares, mistake fares, and flight deals. In this video, I go into detail about two methods of travel hacking that keep me on top of all the best flight deals every single day. It only takes a few minutes and can lead to AMAZING savings and teach you how to find cheap flights once and for all. Be sure to subscribe to learn all of my travel tips and tricks, as well as to follow my vlog adventures around the world.

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List of Blogs to add to Feedly.com to monitor cheap flight deals and mistake fares :
Frugal Travel Guy
Loyalty Traveler
Mighty Travelers
Million Mile Secrets
One Mile at at Time
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The Flight Deal
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Recommended Websites:
23 Hour Layover: http://www.23hourlayover.com
Scotts Cheap Flights: http://www.scottscheapflights.com

Adriana’s Blog/Blog de Adriana: http://migranviajeporestavida.blogspot.mx/

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TicklishPickle Gaming says:

Brussels to cairo 7 july to 17 aug 305€

ورد للمونتاج says:

searches travel and airline sites to help you find
cheap flights at best prices

sbkpilot11 says:

I booked LAX to San Jose Costa Rica for May '18 for $230 Roundtrip a week ago… now that exact flight is $915. I usually don't book 8 months out but when I saw this deal I had to jump on it..

Salma M says:

Wow!! 2018 is already looking nice!!! Thank you!

Chris Stafford says:

$200 r/t SFO-SYD, 11/16 on QF

Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena says:

Great tips Jon! We really need to put more work into keeping an eye on things like this! We once got Christchurch, NZ to KL RT for $150. We were pretty happy with that one! – Thomas

joshfromny says:

I will have to check this out

First World Traveller says:

I definately have to look into this

thanks jon!

27 Travels says:

Love all these tips! We're deff gonna try these out! You rock!

david romero says:

I used a travel voucher I received from aeromexico, for giving up my seat on an over booked flight. I was given the voucher, which I used to book a round trip flight from tijuana-cancun for 25 dollars.
I also received 2 free nights at holiday in in mexico city and food vouchers to eat at the hotel restaurant, not a bad deal !!

DRE OLMC says:

Just what I needed to know, Jon. Traveling soon to Europe. Thanks a bunch for the tips.

tajinder ahluwalia says:

Great tips. I see great deals from big airports like LAX, JFK all the time, but not from smaller ones like SEA. Cons of living in a smaller city with limited options. Any advice?

Vegard Heyerdahl says:

I know about errorfares but never took one. Many of them have short dates on the round trip tickets

Louis Y says:

Everyone is doing this "mistake" fare … more and more vlogger you watch.. they really never travel in peasant class… i'm interested to see if "mistake" fare applies to Business class travel… thanks…. Freely right now looks like a scam… no content.. just asking for email address.. wtf…

Look Who's Blogging says:

i'll have to check out those mistake fares sites!

DavidisDawei says:

I have yet to see any of these sites stay consistent over time. You have to put in the time to find the best deals or pay the premium. Many of those deals are for specific periods only.
Doesn't hurt to receive free notices, but I would look elsewhere as well.
Good time to fly to Asia. I booked $504 Round trip to China; of which the airline only gets $140; the rest are taxes and fees; I doubt they're making money on that

Mohit Pradhan says:

Great info Jon. These are the real tips and tricks of traveling. Spot on! Keep it up!

Drago G says:

Sweet bro! Do a video on travel insurance

Sarah Tobey says:

DCA – PEK business class for $420 RT

Manny Explores Vlog says:

thanks for these tips, I'll definitely check it out


Let's find one to fly to South Korea!! 😀

DiscoverWithDima says:

dude it is so hot out here too I'm just hiding inside waiting patiently for some cooler weather haha (might have to leave the country for that!) awesome tips man I really need to check out those websites!

Haidee Haidee says:

I agree it's hot in nyc

holisticmaya says:

Hey Jon👋 thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. Great resources too! Will check them out for future flights!

ALazyDawg says:

i work for united and i fly from my station to newark first class(always 3 or more seats available) for $13.90.

Jamie Banks says:

Love these tips!!! Thanks!

Edward Feltch says:

Great stuff,thanks.

Here Be Barr says:

Be sure to hit like, subscribe (http://bit.ly/2ddsVMs) if you're new and tell me your best flight deal story !

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