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How to Save Money – Cheap Holidays!!

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How you can save on your next vacation. Here’s a way to find inexpensive holidays.Joe does all the research.


Valeria S says:

great advice! thanks a lot 🙂

dave king says:

Check out the very cheapest prices for your summer getaways fully abta atol part of coop travel group verycheapholidays.co.uk/Experts/Dave

meow98 says:

ah sorry this isn't cheap for us.

JCVdude says:

Yes, it works. Check out some good resorts, watch for last minute deals and save your hard earned money. Especially now that the economy is down and there are less people traveling, the bargains to be had are unbelievable.

JCVdude says:

Thanks! and congrats! lol OK, so this is a test . . . you must now answer the skill this testing question: which is the best vacation price . . . You'll have 10 seconds to anwser. I'll start timing now!!
Cindy 🙂

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