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How To Save For Family Holidays – 10 Great Tips || SugarMamma.TV

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ZoeRach says:

Great tips! It doesn't always pay to book in advance though. I just came back from NZ where I had paid $70 each way for airport transfer shuttles through a travel agent. When we got there, we realised the same shuttles were only charging $20 each way. I am glad we did this though as the alternative was to hire a car which would have cost several hundred dollars more. Public transport was very easy and cheap!

Emma Payne says:

I set up my holiday savings account about 18 months ago….. Best decision I made!

Nora Csiszar says:

Oh, Canna, Rocco is such a cutie! πŸ™‚ So proud of you that you got sponsored by NRMA, good job! πŸ™‚

Victoria Mather says:

Did you cut your hair? Looks great!

ash06101985 says:

So many sponsored videos lately πŸ˜•

Gifted Tweety says:

Tip 10 is very practical and we often overlook it.
Love your top Canna.

Natalie Karina says:

where's your pink coat from? x

Sohinee Roy says:

The 19th view with 3rd like😊

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