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How To Plan Your Trip To Europe – Budget Travel Tips – $500 4 countries 7 weeks

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How To Plan Your Trip To Europe – Budget Travel Tips – $500 4 countries 7 weeks

In this video, we’re sharing some of our tips for planning a budget vacation. These tips for family travel on a budget have allowed us to plan for our European vacation for a super low price. We share ideas for how to plan your trip to Europe, where we will be visiting England, Scotland, Ireland and Norway.

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Living On A Dime To Grow Rich says:

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Ekaterina Caballero says:

Cool video! Which gears are you using to make videos like this? By the way, if you like traveling blogs, check out my newly made channel, I will appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Amy T says:

I love planning our own trips, for us its actually half the enjoyment of the whole experience, there will always be hickups regardless if you go with an agent or not. Ie like the time the agent sent our checked luggage straight from country 1 straight to country 3 and left us in country 2 with no luggage other than what we had in our carry on 😂

Tim Daugherty says:

How much did this entire trip cost?!

Tim Daugherty says:

You both wear glasses

No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator says:

nice, this is great
keep sharing them good job
thanks for this

A .L.L. says:

That is true. We Americans do not know how to take a vacation. Lol. Im one of them, but learning.

Diane Choate says:

Mike, will you plan a trip for me? Single woman, 62…lots of energy…not afraid to walk! Ha..

Nancy Uren says:

You are both so wonderful together! I love how you save $$. I have 3 in our house on disability, we barely make ends meet. Have tried every budget method, cooking cheap, not shopping, no haircuts. We just have zippo end of month…

Sandra Sealy says:

Awesome 👏

Kirsi Sykes says:

Awesome tips! Another tip is to fly to a cheaper / smaller airports in cheaper cities in Europe and then take internal flights to cities where you really want to go! This can save you a LOT 😊

Sue de Neef says:

There's a website called Rome2Rio that is great for planning your journeys

Sue de Neef says:

My husband and I have travelled from Australia to Europe three times and plan to go again next year. It's a huge trip – around a 24 hour trip but well worth it! We budget $AUS200 per day for the two of us that covers accommodation, food (we cook for ourselves), transport and any entry fees. Sometimes we might go over a little and other days we go under. We have found that basing ourselves in one town/village (prefer those to large cities) then taking day trips from there. We can shop for the week, wash our clothes, experience the local culture and really enjoy each place. It also saves a lot of money and time not taking intercity trains every couple of days. We don't hire cars because we actually enjoy the bus and train journeys. This won't be for everyone but we love it.

Patty Magee says:

Can't believe the coincidence. I was in the mood to watch another of your older videos, after this one, from before I subscribed but then remembered I wanted to make enchiladas tonight. So I searched for the recipe on your channel. Couldn't believe it was a video where Mike and Ellie were getting ready to go on their trip to Ireland AND it was your 500th show! It was great to see so much of her. She's not on much in your newer videos. You have a dear and blessed family. Hope you're enjoying your trip!

Crouton says:

She said 6 ppl so I assume the 4 kids are joining them. $500/person per week = $3000. 7 week trip =$21,000. That’s 210,000 dimes. 😉
A friend was telling me you can fly coach to London for ~$300! That is unbelievable! I assumed airfare cost thousands just to get there.

Sandy Seibel Hager says:

I have never thought to use a spreadsheet as a calendar/itinerary! What a great idea!

Erin Gigi says:

Are you planning to document this in a book? It is great information.

Bjoern Schumacher says:

if you technical people,you could use a VPN to cut your travel expenses even more! if you log in to a server on your travel destination and book then your fair,you get a cheaper price often,cause "come back tickets" are cheaper.

Melinda Burton says:

LOL! I think I'll just pay Mike to plan a trip for me! I would love to travel more, but all the details confuse and exhaust me!

Karen Lowry says:

Enjoy the trip, can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Take care.

Debbie Reeves says:

I'm curious, is plane fare included in the 500.00 per person per week, or is the plane fare and added expense.

opchick05 says:

I love traveling our family trips.

Ibislife says:

Love that you opened with a photograph of Bergen, Norway! I will be so surprised – if you are able to stay in Europe for $500 per week, all included – is that per person, or all together? Keep us posted! I live in Norway, and this country is expensive. Can´t wait to see how you will do this!

scarahpurr says:

We are off to England from Canada on july 1st. We will be spending nearly 3 weeks visiting with family there. We did it on a dime, too! We booked back in October to get the best flight deal and we are blessed to have free accommodation. Safe travels!

Debbie Reeves says:

I'm so excited for you all! I hope you have a fantastic vacation! Also, I hope you take notes of all of your tips and write a book on traveling on a dime, from beginning to end I would buy it! I'd love to do something like this with a friend but would have to have something to go by, so please come up with a book on all of the info and tips, please. :o)

me flagg says:

lots of pictures!!!!! have fun and be safe!!!!!

Keri Hansen says:

Yes! This is my type of vacation. Relaxing while seeing pastoral and historical places that give you a taste of how the locals live (lived). I've never understood people who want to book so many activities that it becomes exhausting or only visit tourist traps. Thank you for sharing your tips. Enjoy your trip. What memories you'll make!

Brenda O'Neill says:

That sounds like an amazing trip, I do hope you enjoy Scotland 💗 touristy places can be expensive but looks like you got it all sorted, as with anywhere a few miles further means cheaper food and accommodation.

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