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How to plan a great vacation for cheap Part 1 | Single Mom Space

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How to plan a great vacation for cheap as a single parent. How to save your money and spend less traveling. It doesn’t have to be expensive to travel and i’m going to give you some tips and tricks to save more of your dollars.

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ItsyagurlShay J says:

Thank you I needed this. I plan on taking my son to Disney next year. I am trying to calculate how money I would need to cover flight and 🏨. Is it better to go through a travel agent and dyi? Thanks girlie

ATINA271 says:

I wish you were my friend!!🙄🙄🙄

The Makings of Cinnie says:


Erica Fly says:

Feeling you content! One single mom to the next😀

Samantha valentine says:


Donna McKinson says:

Thank you for this advice. I was lost as to how to save and plan for a holiday for me and my daughter. I'm now looking forward to the planning and the knowing I WILL be going on holiday. x

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