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How To Pack Smart | Traveling Advice!

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Hey guys! Today’s video has some tips and tricks for how to be smart when you pack. It can be super overwhelming to try to pack light especially for big trips! These are some tricks that I have learned in the past. Give it a thumbs up if you like them!
Comment below any tips you have in the comments below! – Enjoy!
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Sasha dela rosa says:

Travel to the Philippines Ashley you are welcome to my fellow Filipinos

Tigerlist ́s Videos says:

Instead for packing cubes I heard hacking cubes!

Rawan Kader says:

Does anybody know where Ashley got here packing cubes fromπŸ€”?

Savage_ xannel says:


Christian Morales says:

I thought she was Janet Mc-something (the one from Sam and cat)

Francesca Cappai says:

I am now getting ready for a really long period of traveling so I have to pack really few things! Also because with my friends and family I am going to go shopping so much ! ❀❀

Louise Reddy says:

Can't wait i'm going to disney land paris tomorow

abdikarin nur says:

Ashley has a tattoo

Kabo Ndlovu says:

You helped me so much

Noora Almatrooshi says:

Nobody noticed this was published on augset 30 2017 but it's only the 19th

Maddie W says:

Iceland looks so beautiful

Vivi & Julie says:

Omg this was so helpful!! I'm moving! This was so helpful!! Totally Subscribing!!!

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