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How To Make a TRAVEL VIDEO – 10 Tips you need to know

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With your trip just ahead, it’s time to learn how to make a travel video with any camera. These are my top 10 tips to making a cinematic and engaging travel video of your upcoming adventures.

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-What camera and equipment do you use?

Nov, 2017


Honey 8 says:

Thanks a lot for the tips! πŸ˜‰

Tyler Bitz says:

Thank you for making this video. It was very helpful for me! πŸ™‚

FADE RVA says:

Great tips! I will be using these to create videos for my travel Instagram profile πŸ™‚ https://www.instagram.com/travelverse/

Sonali Raju says:

can you name the song at 5.46

puntok uno says:

Man, thank you so much for these tips. i just have 1 question and i hope u would see this comment. ahm. Do you choose a music first before going to travel and shoot a videos? or you just travel and shoot videos first then pick a music after? thanks alot man.

PS. thanks for the awsome clips in the Philippines πŸ™‚

Monica Ravichandran says:

Can u suggest a good drone camera πŸ“·

Lauren says:

Great info thank you

Songpan says:

Just found a useful video! 😁 Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Hesham Adam says:

plz support and check out my first travel video

Catherine Generoso says:

This is the best tips I ever heard. I wanna start to be a travel blogger and create travel video, I will keep in mind all of this useful tips. Thank you! ✨

Vins Supertramp says:

Probably this his the best video I've ever seen about how to make better travel video πŸ˜€
Good job man!

Marc Benedict N. Romero says:

Done subscribingπŸ˜† thank youu so muuch

Rahmat Chaniago says:

Hey Chris, just stumbled upon your channel and I just wanna say, thank you. You really do bring values to your platform and I learned a lot by this video alone. Just subbed and will defo check out more of you. You just earned another follower just because you explain thing so eloquently.

pini2002 says:

Be careful!!! They did not transfer payment for a return ticket !
We arrived at the airport last Saturday and had a tremendous distress! We could not get on the plane with our daughter because they did not transfer payment for a return ticket Even though we have already paid for it. We had to buy a new flight ticket !!!! It was lucky there was a place on the plane that could have been added to the flight !!!
You do not answer for phone calling and not for Emails! Shame on you!
So true…. "Youll never know until you go"…

Daniel ilavarasan says:

LOL the truth is u are master of travel vloggging its really useful bro!!!! and bro im going to start a youtupe channel and gona upload travel videos and im going to buy my first dslr and i choosed Cannon 77D is it ok for me?

pradip dhami says:

which drone do you have ?

Aljon Moliva says:

Thank you for the travel vlogging ideas. Really appreciate your work. This is what I'm looking for. Keep it up.

Noah Enix says:

To anyone that is interested, I went to Cincinnati and made my first travel video for fun and that I am proud of. I am pretty good with technology but just recently got into editing. Please check it out and give me some honest feedback. Thank you for your time guys!

David K. Dundas says:

great vid. tons of value. subbed.

Taiwo says:

Music at 5:46?

AnnaMac 0318 says:

The tips are very helpful. I had to admit I did not follow a few of them.Lol I only used my mobile phone for the shots. And would try the tricks one day.
I got inspired and created my own video https://youtu.be/7cl3LHRVKds and subscribed to epidemic music as well.
Thanks again. 😁

Bryan Geertgens says:

Thank you, this helped so much and i can't wait to make my own


Love ur sharing tip ..Hi would u mind to share which software u are using for editing to make a travel video ?thanks

Renz Ramirez says:

starting my Youtube Channel you inspired me a lot thank you so much πŸ˜€

Alexander Alejo says:

Thanks dude! just subbed

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