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How to Get Super Cheap Flights Around the World!

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Since some amazing flight deals have been popping up, I wanted to share how to get super cheap flights around the world! If you are on the hunt for cheap airfare, I will show you the best apps for cheap flights and the best websites for cheap flights in this LIVE video. Plus, I will answer any of your questions & give airfare tips to help you travel the world for cheap!


✨Hopper App (Download on your phone)

✨Google Flights


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The Melea Show says:

What Traveling or Airfare videos do you guys want to see in the future?? Any questions that you have about getting cheap airfare that I might be able to do a whole video answering and talking about?? Comment below and tell me!

Eva Flynn says:

Has anyone tried Kiwi.com?

Victoria K says:

Would definitely love to know more about how to fly on credit card points!

Samantha Gg says:

I went to Paris and it was really expensive

Ashley Nicole says:

Thanks, somehow never heard of Hopper before and just downloaded it. 😊

Stephanie m says:

I'm gonna go to key west Florida so this is really helpful and I used to go on JetBlue but a new airline came out and its like $300 to go and back so ty lol .

just A GIRL says:

Can you make a video how to handle your handy and smart handbag for traveling
Btw thank you for this video

Trixie Baja says:


Anthony Solhjoo says:

i'll use this in the future 😮

SgAndreaa says:

Omg! I really was looking for this

Adrianna Miller says:

The cheapest flight I've gotten was $98 going from Chicago to Sarasota florida.

Mynee Gurl!!! says:

Plss ipad for meeeeeee

chloe jones says:

This was soooo helpful!!

Butterflycake says:

thanks for thhis

Macarena G says:

Typically the easiest way to find a cheap fly is to get one that's in the middle of the morning, something in between 2-5 am hours haha

Electre says:

i love travelling and i found this pretty helpful, thank you

Maya Claypool says:

Ah! This is so useful for me being so interested in traveling.

Victoria Forgenie says:

For anyone reading this, God loves you and cares about you. If you're going through something call on Him and ask Him for help. It's the best thing that you can do in your life. Invite Him in today 🙂 God bless you!

Danielle Soileau says:

I would love to see you make a video about😁🌍:

where to buy cute and affordable luggage

How to find healthy options while traveling

mabonnaga says:

did you ever go to Egypt??

Olivia Frazao says:

EasyJet has awesome prices and so many discounts too! I've traveled around the world many many times and Easyjet has always proved its purpose!

Sammy says:

I never knew google flights even existed lol

Chido Mutikani says:

this will be so good to plan holidays with friends 😮 shook

Laura Vincze says:

Your tips are amazing. Thank you. I will try these

The Astrodites says:

Definately using this!

Iya Salamanca says:

this video was really helpful for someone who wants to travel a lot 🤗

Lara Gilua says:

This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing the upgrade to first class tip!

Elizabeth Garza says:

How To Save Money Videos I Love Them Because My Dad Is All About Saving Money So I Share The Tips You Share With Him And My Mom😄😄😇🤓

laurabaranek says:

I will use these tips when I travel to Texas

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