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How to Get Paid to Travel the World – BRAND DEALS & PARTNERSHIPS

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Landing brand deals and sponsored trips is one of the coolest things about building a travel brand because you are making money and getting paid from your passions. The best part is you don’t need to have a massive following, you can do this in many different ways by offering value to a business. If this topic excites you and you want to learn more, join our mailing list and private Facebook community where we share everything we know about this industry and all the secrets that others don’t want you to know!

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firat moko says:

RIP ryker, migan and russian

The Moody Red says:

I'm not a big personality on the internet. Matter of fact I'm really newbie aspiring to be an influencer. I can barely take photos since I'm stuck at home. How do I get noticed??

Eamonn580 says:

This is a long winded way of saying scratch for scratch.. the old trade system. Promo for a free trip. These guys r well spoken and able to sell their ideas through proper strategy and presentation

Eamonn580 says:

Should be getting paid ..for all this time and energy research put in to trial and error to b able to travel for free

Always Awesomeness Now says:


Lyric Tillery says:

I’m in love w you

Aubrey Walder says:

I have a question, what are specific companies that you’ve found success with regarding the travel and adventure companies? Also once you have some sort of deal with them how does that work? Any examples of past experiences??

Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle says:

hello Guys, thank you for great informations, it is priceless, but would you guys put on subtile in english? if it is possible for asian audiences, it must be great

The Wilsons On The Go says:

Just found you. I’m learning. Thanks!

Karolina Dusk says:

Your videos are always so informative. QUESTION: Where do you guys get the music for your videos? I love it 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

Hahahaaa 999 says:

Amazing intro music
Love it(😍😘)

Indigo Etc Lebanon says:

good ideas! thanks Alexey

John Teles says:

Mate, I'm without words to describe your atitude to teach all those things! You guys are amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Biggest fan of you guys! Amazing! I've thought about this for a long time and I imagine how to do, but i've never tried it out,, but you guys just made it and proved everything! Thanks again!

gone with the wind says:

you say 5000 followers is not many but i can't even get up to 1000 if anyone is interested have a look at my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gone_with_wind_01/

Dollar Travelers says:

Impressive Video, Keep up the good work!

Costa Blanca Living says:

Another awesome video, you guys are ON POINT, thanks for the info

Alex Haubrich says:

Thanks for the life-changing info. This cleared up a lot of questions I had as well as made me aware of whats possible and how to make it happen.

Adi vlog says:

Very good video! Great stuff, important informations! Thank you! Big like! πŸ‘

Diogo Abreu says:

Hey, awesome vΓ­deo! Really cleared many things out for me! Thank you

But i got one question, a small one…

When a Brand invite and close de deal for your video, they really give the creative freedom for the influencer produce the way he wants? Or this is something to be clear in the contract?

I'm asking because my latest works i got that feeling that i am in a trap, the Brand always try to put its nose in my work and i have to justify my creative freedom, am i beeing a bitch or this is the way it is?

Thank you for the video and i hope to know the answere as soon as possible.


Tchau πŸ˜‰

Jamilah Muhammad says:

That's great!

Gemify says:

Hi, I am 14 years old. Am I too young to do all this? Like would the brand consider me too young?

Naria Panthar says:

And you have to look beautiful … first rule.

Reformatt Show says:

great video guys! love your commitment to the community <3 never stop & and keep up the good work

Filippo Micciche says:

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Gabriel Traveler says:

Great job laying out the info. That cat on the computer was freaking hilarious.

Sahar Moustaide says:

My name is Sahar & I've just posted my first vlog ever! Feel free to check it out, like & subscribe! It will definitely encourage me to do more! Thank you

Tommy Siro says:

Ryker, PLEASE model on the side!!!!!

The Unchained CEO says:

Another amazing video! So much great info. Thank you πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Noel Kainer says:

First your Video than School πŸ™‚

Thy Other Side says:

Thank you so much for sharing the knowledge. I'm excited for the daily vlogs to come back! Do you know what day & time you'll start them up?

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