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HOW TO GET CHEAP FLIGHTS / Europe to Los Angeles for a little over 100 $

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In this Video I will tell you how I always get the cheapest Price. Just recently I bought a ticket from Stockholm to Los Angeles for just 129 Euro which is at least 50% Cheaper then usual. I will tell you all my booking tricks for cheap flights and cheap airfare. So if you want to be as excited about your next flight as Mister Bean is on his flight pay attention to this video 😉

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Dany #gotaworldtosee says:

HEY THERE 😀 DANY HERE 😉 I just published my best Creation to this date. In this Video I will tell you the full Story on how we travelled the World in the past few months and what I learned from it. Check it out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCgRZwkeo7Y

Manilette Ann Fernandez says:

It's honestly easy to book flights if you make the effort to search for the cheapest flights, but sometimes looking for flight/hotel packages help too… But then again, we're also talking about visas. Take for example me, I've been living in UAE, born and raised, but I'm of Filipino blood so I'm a Filipino citizen since UAE doesn't give you any citizenship. So when it comes to travelling for me with a Philippine passport, we have to also check on the requirements or even interviews for visa approvals from countries that require us to apply for visa. There are only very few countries that my passport don't require visa. So that limits us from travelling the world too easily, and work leave too.

Sahab Shahessain says:

nice video bro

Christian Nepogie says:

I love to travel so this is going to be useful. Thank you man!

David Jorden says:

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David Feuer says:

Very nice video. Why does this only have 350 views? Some really good tips there 🙂

Monarch97 says:

But this flight is never with check-in luaggage. Hope you know that.

Michael Fiedler says:

Ok, der beste Tipp wäre nehmt nicht den Bus, sondern wenn ihr es irgendwie ermöglichen könnt nehmt einen Mietwagen oder schließt euch mit anderen zusammen und fährt in aller Ruhe dem Highway 1 ab (mindestens 3 Nächte). Nehmt euch viel Zeit, es gibt sehr viel zu sehen und die Natur ist atemberaubend schön. Wir sind damals bis San Francisco hoch gefahren, aber von dort aus weiter nach Norden muss noch mal sehr schön sein. Gerade Kalifornien und wohl die ganze Westküste hat unheimlich schöne Landschaften und Natur zu bieten. Die Städte sind wirklich nicht besonders schön. San Diego und San Francisco haben einige schöne Ecken in LA wie gesagt ein Moloch. Die Küste wie auch die Nationalparks sind traumhaft. Carmel und der 17 Mile Drive, Hurst Castle State Park und Yosemite…

Michael Fiedler says:

Der beste Tipp für fliegt nach Stockholm und bleibt dort. Eine Millionen mal besser als los Angeles

The Patriotic Australian says:

You're lucky
If you have an Australian passport you have to pay for "visa on arrival" for many countries

Dany #gotaworldtosee says:

Where do you want to book flights to ? 😀 #gotaworldtosee

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