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How to get Cheap Flights, Cheap Airline Tickets, Cheap Airfare and Cheap Plane Tickets- A no Bullsh*t guide to finding the best deals!
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Sugs Byrne says:

oh guys, thank you so much for these tips, they're bloody amazing! i Always watch your posts to get ideas, and have a good laugh, thanks for making me smile on almost a daily base! KINGING IT!!

Margot Van Den Biesen says:

Brugge is the dutch word for Bruges :). Beautiful town, you should go and then in Belgium by train in 1-1,5 hour you can get to Ghent which is also really nice :).
Love your videos, keep your rocking your own world and mine!

shishiosaki says:

this is legit guide!

Magpie says:

Didn't know about the private/incognito search window…on it!

Nic Scully says:

Air miles are overrated guys, works if you are loyal to a particular airline…worth thinking about if you go super long haul with say BA and then use the mile on a very short uk internal flight

Hannah Davies says:

Hey guys.. you can use your nectar points on flights. Also, if you're with barclays bank you can get travel insurance with them that gives you free airport lounge access and rac cover. And gives you discounts at airport restaurants, parking and hotels. 🙂

Two Broskis says:

We’ll be utilising these tips in the next few days! Perfectly timed video, guys!

Steve Buchanan says:

I also discovered that you can save a packet for domestic flights in other countries by using that country's airline website and NOT the UK version of it. I got internal flights in New Zealand some years ago by booking the tickets on the Air NZ website and paying in NZ dollars rather that the UK edition of their website and paying in £'s – it was about 50% cheaper on the NZ website.

La Aventura Project says:

Oooooh yeah, get that cheap flight to Nairobi! You guys are pros!!

Ryan Simmonds says:

Some great tips here guys! Although, in the interest of helping other RTW travellers I, unfortunately, wouldn't recommend STA.
Quick Story time: We used them to organise some RTW flights – our own bespoke route – as you said, making the route is half the fun. They were also pretty reasonably priced when I did my homework, but we had concerns about being locked into dates and they could only book so many months worth of flights in advance. So what they did was bulk booked everything on consecutive days and sold us a MultiFlex, where they change the flight dates for you with no admin fees, just subject to price changes. The problem was when we came round to changing those remaining flights (about 7-8 flights after a year of travelling) their method of contact was extremely slow, often taking so long to reply that prices would jump hundreds of pounds from our own initial research/time of request. They were also extremely unhelpful, if you request the cheapest flight in a window of dates they would only offer 1-2 options and there was no platform for discussion or looking for savings without having to wait upwards of a week for another reply – by which time prices would change again. At points our flights were so immediate and without reply for up to 2 weeks that we had to phone them for almost an hour whilst in the middle of Asia. By selling us as many flights as possible, they made more money from us and the customer care once we had purchased did not live up to their in-store sales pitch.

Your advice for flexibility and doing your own research I totally agree with, and if you go with STA you don't get that flexibility. Fortunately we also organised many flights solo, we flew Chile > UK for about £200 and made dozens of savings like this when we did the work ourself. Yet we paid an additional £100+ on average extra per flight we had to change with STA – on top of what we had already paid. Sorry it's a long comment, but hopefully worth the share.

alfnsue says:

cheers guys

Linette Arroyo says:

These are great tips! Thanks so much! I spend way too much money traveling 🤭

Psychphuq says:

Helps to be a frequent flyer card holder with the airline you want upgrades with… 🙂

To fly with miles, Kara & Nate's video is kinda mad… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1pk2FJBhcg

Mark Badger says:

Love the video, again, very useful and lively.

Brugge, is apparently a beautiful place. Watch the film “In Bruges” (spelling?). It’s a bit gangsta, but the locations are amazing and well kept. Think cobble stones and market towns.

how many holidays says:

Yessss! I just did a video showing how I book cheap flights and you’re right – there’s no secrets, it’s just about remembering to double check in the right places!! I definitely recommend checking all your flights via Momondo – that’s what Secret Flying tends to use. Have saved hundreds using it before.

k Beats says:

Bloody great advice guys! We're looking for flights for our honeymoon (poss Philippines!!) and this will come in hell'a-handy! Thanks.

Diaryofa40something says:

Great tips thank you 😁 I can’t remember what I was looking on but ended up browsing flights the other week and I found flights from Bristol to Venice direct flights 6 days end of this month £28 ……. mad!!definitely worth looking around! X

Tracey Paddison says:

thanks for the top tips 👍🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Arbitrary Exploration says:

This was helpful and informative, I am always looking at new ways to book airfares. 🙂

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