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How to get CHEAP airline tickets online

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The trick to CHEAP tickets on the web, what the sites do not want you to know.


MrFreddy61 says:

yeah this shit happened to me flight was $850 with tax then next day i searched same flight only to find that it was amazingly now $1370 with tax. I had my suspicions. FUCK CHEAPOAIR!!


hi friend how are you?i from brazil and ,i would like know if this site is safe really to buy tickect?

Arosha Ratnayake says:


Chesa Djanelle says:

Thanks sir! I found a ticket to New York for 700 dollars and the next 3 days it went up to around 1100+ dollars

Fahady Mohamed says:

Is this site safe ?

Stephanie Bailo says:

Thank you soo much!

zebraman777333 says:

If your planing to post adds for your site, remember I report spam, and your comment will not get past my review, I am not here for you to post adds on and make money off my work, hell not one even offered me anything for the adds LOL

Gladys O. says:

Thanks Zebraman for sharing this wonderful story. I will be careful from now on. You are the best

hnorivera77 says:

thanks a lot, nice tips.. i didn't know nothing about this.

namnajana says:

Thank you very much. I just got ripped off by one of the ticket booking sites,here in India, in very much the same way as you have described. There is a saying here (in India) about how one gets wiser after the thief has fled.After watching your video,I hope to do better next time.

Akakie Afdah says:

wow!! you r our superhero… thanks for the great tips!

Good vibe says:

Thanks for the useful tip!

Boqor radio says:

Thanks budy

Michael Stricklin says:

Thanks . Funny u mention that becouse now I know why the price goes up every time I revisit a site.


Any guy knows how to erase his browse history haha!

But thanks tho….. I was thinking to do this but maybe I was paranoid thinking I was being monitored….

Beatrice Okoro says:

Thanks for sharing. We need more people like you on youtube. very helpful indeed

bala gulli says:

Its Super. I was wondering why the price changed in 2 hours. Also the airlines add stared popping up on my youtube add pages on side. I felt very insecure. I will delete all the temp files and other stuff. Looks like these days nothing is personal oinline. even with the best antivirus and spam software.  Good Idea and thanks for sharing. 

Sanjeet Bhatta says:

Thank you for your valuable information:)

Walter Dehmer says:

thank you very much for your help

Aravind cruise says:

Hi , Thanks for this Really Kewl Trick Video Wish You All Luck … Happy Flying

NegraMonroe says:

Thank you 🙂 seriously… Thanks..

zebraman777333 says:

Your all welcome LOL 😉

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