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How To Find Last Minute Cruise Ship Deal 2018 Finding Cruise Vacation Bargains

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How To Find Last Minute Cruise Ship Deal 2018 Finding Cruise Vacation Bargains Last minute cruise ship deals are available by watching this video. Grab your laptop, and sit down on your favorite chair and start your search for the perfect cruise vacation at the best price by finding a last minute deal.
You can save big from all cruise lines in all regions of the world by going online and finding the vacations to go web site.
I’ll show you how to navigate this site so you can find the best cruise vacation deals.
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Cravenn5 says:

You are loved ♥️✅ This will be my first!!

BlueStarKeiichi21 says:

Omg someone get this guy a cookie. I’ve been on the site before but I never used the 90 day Ticker. It came in real handy. Thanks for making this video!

Sylvain Forest says:

Hi, Bruce. I like to import Vacations To Go's results page into an Excel spreadsheet. That allows me to sort multiple collums and get results that are good for me quickly. The Fast deal Number hyperlinks on the left of the line still work in Excel. Above and beyond using collumn sort inExcel, I like to use SQL to do an even more thorough search.

star gazer says:

Great information thank u

Jonnie Bangkok says:

It's called the "90 Day TICKER."

Those are "brochure" prices…meaning completely meaningless because nobody ever pays those prices…basically full retail prices. Also, I have found that you can find the same prices that are listed on the Vacations To Go website at the websites of the respective cruise companies. And I would rather book direct than with some sketchy consolidator.

Travelling with Bruce says:

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