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How to Find Deals for Traveling Abroad as a Family

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Thank you to our Patron Tyler for asking us a question on finding deals on flights and accommodation for families who travel.

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Jocelyn Wolters says:

Don't Forget!! When looking for deals it is Best to search in 'Secret Mode' or 'Incognito Mode'. This keeps the cookies turned off and prices don't jump up when searching for the same flt in several searches. Don't forget to use the Price Alert features from Kayak/Skyscanner etc so you know when the best deals to your destination pop up!

Olga Shenfeld says:

Thank you for telling me about the family pass. I saved some money buying tickets to the Schönbrunn Palace.

Sonny says:

Great Video. Thank you for posting.

chanthamala8 says:

The kiddies are getting so tall. I can't! 😫😫😫

Tawnya Foster says:

What is your thought about a city pass? For example a pass that gets you into a variety of attractions.

Brenda Martinez says:

Spent nearly 700 to and from for myself and toddler
Just to Europe and back to u.s…
Not counting within flights

Michelle Byrd says:

Great video, thank you!

captainrobots says:

I always wanted to go to Japan
But at this moment's I definitely don't have the money to get a flight.

But what are the best places to sleep that are cheap and is a room and not one of those capsules hotels.
But it would be cool to try out for a night.

Jane Plants says:

Also check Norwegian Air and Iceland Air! On their websites. Great rates.

Steven W says:

Hi Mark! It would be cool to see a follow up video for travel tips for traveling solo…..Thankfully in my situation I'm able to book travel pretty much whenever I want. I literally stole a flight from Raleigh NC to Tokyo in late April (While I was on Orbitz just searching random cities and dates I cam across a ridiculous web fare) With that said, the places I'll be staying at in Japan (Capsule Hotels and Hotels) don't allow large size bags. A video about travelling minimally (10-14 days with just a backpack and carry-on) would be cool to see as well…..Thanks!

DrJones694 says:

Thank you!!!! Scott's cheap flights is great too but can be hard for family's with the times they offer

Lava Yuki says:

My parents travelled off peak in Europe a lot when me and my brother were kids. The only downside was that it freezing cold and raining when we went to Rome, Barcelona and Brussels. They used package tours from travel companies as well, like Tui and Thomas Cook

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