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How to Find Cheap Flights Using Google Flights

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Nicole from the Customer Advocacy Team at Scott’s Cheap Flights shows you how to find cheap flights using Google Flights.

Take 2 — a few of you noticed that there was a mistake in the previous version of this video so to prevent any confusion, we have updated it with the correct info!

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RJ Lane says:

I find google flights incredibly frustrating! For one thing, it only lets me plug in two locations and does not seem to want me to go to Paris!

Aidan Au says:

Nicole, do you guys not use ITA Matrix at all? Would you do a video of it? Thanks

Itzae Aldama says:

how can I filter flights to avoid going through a country?

Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette® Learn Parisian French on Skype says:

amazing info, thanks lots!

msolearytravels says:

Thank you for the awesome tips!!

Cheers to Travels says:

BIG THUMBS UP! 👍 dont forget also the Legroom chrome extension that lets you know the fare you're looking out is a basic economy fare! one of our newest favorite tool while using Google Flights! Cheers~Sara

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