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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS – My Best Tips After Booking 500+ Flights

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Do you need tips for finding cheap flights? Here is your video!

After booking more than 500 flights since 2012, I explain my best tips, tricks and strategies for finding cheap airfare in under 4 minutes.

I’ve been wanting to make this video for over a year now, but never got around to it because it’s really tedious to make (and I wanted to have adequate footage of airplanes & airports)… I was finally convinced to make it after many of your comments on my last video, saying that flights are holding you back from traveling. I literally spent 10 hours today editing this one, so I hope you find it useful!

If you have any other tips that aren’t mentioned, please share them in the comments below so everyone can benefit!

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Mo AZG says:

thank you <3

Journ Lightening says:

Brew, have you ever tried using a VPN? This article looks legit and I've heard a VPN helps a lot, but I would still like to hear from you if you ever tried one.


Lou Peste says:

Do a 15 times fans met me

Travel Through Life says:

There is really one of the best airline companies Norwegian Air. You need to change ip address for norwegian ip adress and you get much cheaper price. Also I found out if you use Apple the price is bigger than any another device. 
But I flied direct to Oslo-Bangkok and back with 150 euros. And Oslo to new-york you can find with 100 sometimes.

gummiogtrausti says:

Great! Thanks!

Karon Crickmore says:

Thanks Drew! I am getting ready to retire and hope to do some traveling and need all this advise!


Love your video hope someday I'll bet you

oum sarah t says:

Many thanks for the tips.

FromDiamWithLove says:

Thanks for this Drew! I am the budget airline queen lol so this video was right up my alley. Thanks for touching on the topic of booking on Tuesday, when I hear people say that it kinda makes me cringe because its so not true. But like you said flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday are typically cheaper. But I def agree with you about being flexible. I say that on my blog ALLLLLLL the time. Thanks for this Drew I loved it! Especially the layover city/one leg tip. Thanks so much!

RunTravelAdventure4fun says:

you talk so fast and go so fast it's hard to understand the words? Some parts I played again and again and still don't understand exactly what you said.

Sam Ogier says:

Just wanted to add to your last video if you ask for tap water it's free and still in Europe.

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