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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS! – Budget Travel Tips!

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HOW TO FIND CHEAP FLIGHTS! – Budget Travel Tips! Flights can suck and finding super cheap flights can be ever harder! So I WANT to show you how its done! As well we bring my good friend Mathew Tasker a long to give you an extra scoop!

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Jameel Kout says:

I'm 18 and next year (when I'm 19) I'm going to travel the world for (at least) one year.. Is anyone interested in joining me? I have no problem with your gender/race/religion or whatever.. I respect everyone.. just be around my age.. and make sure you're stupidly crazy and ready to do some dumb crazy shit.

12 says:

When you arrive in asean, you should look for air asia budjet airline.. they have some program called "Air asia asean pass", where you buy credit for fix rate, then you can use it to book flight without thinking about price hike. Hope this help.

John Seipp says:

Ummm…, What's a VPN??

tim says:

You should look at google.flights

tim says:

whatta great youtuber!

alteredillusions100 says:

Good video brother. I use sky scanner and have flown with Norwegian before and VPN is a great tool. Also, that was great tip on getting to Australia.

MakingMoments says:

Hey Tal! I've been traveling now for over 1.5 years consistently now. I'm actually a newer YouTuber, so if you want to check my stuff out you can ✌🏼 Kayak and Skyscanner are the guys for me! I totally agree with everything you mention in this video. It's not crazy anymore to afford to travel for REALLY cheap!

As far as credit cards go, for example, I have a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit card that lets me fly to see family all over the US (West Coast usually) for free, every time. Their airline miles are always RIDICULOUSLY low-cost, you get 2 free checked bags (don't need that at all but w/e), and best of all, it's free EVERY TIME I visit the US (which has happened 4 times in 1.5 years).

Anyways, can't wait to catch up on your stuff! Hope to meet you out there in the world someday 👊🏼 Take care!

RobEJC says:

Internet anonymity when searching/booking/buying online is CRITICAL – no, you're never truly hidden, but at least make it HARD for the bad guys to find you and rip you off. Research, buy, and USE a good VPN always. Research, and use a safe "throw away" email address, etc., lots of ways/things to keep you safe on the Internet. ComputerCrimeInfo dot com is a good source of info – check out his blog. Great info, Tal!

Zaynah Amirah says:

Hey thanks for this video, booking travel around flights sounds like an extremely smart idea that would allow anyone to travel much more than they think they can afford! I just subscribed to your channel – check mine out if you can I'm from NYC and will be doing a ton of travel vlogs starting next month – in the meantime im daily vlogging .. thanks again for the video!!! 🙂

Steve Yalo says:

Awesome advice, Tal! Thanks man 🙂

Juan Sanchez says:

Great video, thanks for posting, keep up the good work! Cheers from NYC

mithaweed says:

I am your newest fan thanks to The Endless Adventure!

Sup! Kid's Cooking and Culture Show says:

We just subscribed! Thank you for sharing your adventure and your awesome tips for traveling. We have a kids cooking show that teaches culture through cooking. Check us out if you have a chance. 🙂

Chris Bruning says:

Great tips! I will definitely be looking into flights at the end of the year with Skyscanner!! Thanks!!

Neelo & Blue says:

Great video!! We've only recently discovered websites like skyscanner (also skypicker which I think is kiwi now) < it's amazing how much dosh you can save! It astounds me people still go to travel agents and think they're getting the best deal!
Also want to figure out the best way to hide our identity/location – it sucks when you see the flight you were looking at suddenly go up, just because you've been looking at it too much!

Also starting to get into/find out about the credit card rewards – we've used different rewards and bonuses with them but haven't tapped into the travel/flights aspect – there's free money/flights to be had!! Just takes a little research!

byebyemimi says:

awesome tipps dude!! Cheers for that! I sat here taking notes like a student xD haha

LuxeTravel Group says:

great information!
just booked a roundtrip flight from SAT to ATL for only $38!!!! budget airlines are sneaking their way into the U.S. and I'm so excited for it!

Thank you, Frontier Airlines!!! lol

Anton Bennarsten says:

Hey man, awesome just awesome

Skyscanner says:

BFFs for life 💙

– Jen

(p.s. you don't need to use ignocnito browsers for our little website ☺️ https://www.skyscanner.net/news/tips/do-cookies-increase-flight-prices)

Missybeelondon says:

thanks for this travel advice
great watch

onyxavatar says:

Awesome-sauce! Thanks for putting this together. These tips are excellent!

Elizabeth Travels says:

Flying off season is definitely the way to go! Been trying to find a flight from Montreal (or whatever closeby airport like NYC or Boston) to Eastern Europe this summer, and it's near impossible to find something under 1000$ ! Really frustrating, since I know how cheap similar flights go for on the off season 🙁

Joe Jay says:

You didn't answer my question from an older video. Are you jewish or do you speak hebrew? I'm planning a trip to Israel and I just wanted to ask a few private questions to address a few cultural and linguistic barriers that I may face.

אלי שןןארץ says:

So that's how you do it very interesting very cool and also your right about alligator are smaller them crocodile everyone told me the opposite

Stephen Halbhuber says:

Sign me up
If you go to any of these let's me know and I'm there
Always wanted to go to Hawaii

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