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How to Find Cheap Flights (2018)

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How to find cheap flights in 2018 and what tools to use.
[ Blog Post ] http://bit.ly/2r1FQtO
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Nick H. says:

Great video. I subscribed. I’m a newbie travel and want to spend a month or so in Thailand or China. This showed me some crazy discounts. Hey about China airlines? Can it really save a lot? I took grayhound round trip across US. I can endure a lot if it’s really the cheapest. It’s really hard to believe it’s almost half the price. Is there tons of extra hidden fees?

Cyrinia Prendergast says:

Random question…is it an option to upgrade a travel credit card? An American Airlines card to be exact

Alex Ortiz says:

I fly to D.C. a lot and the cheapest airlines for me has been FRONTIER AIRLINES … However I found this useful for my shorter trips within the state. Thanks!

Frugal Mick says:

Some good points here Sebby. I use many of the same techniques for getting cheap flights. Some good deals I've booked in the last 10 months are Melbourne to Queenstown return for $220 and Melbourne to Phuket return for $350.

kelsey mcdonnell says:

I don't know if it's because I'm lazy or what but I find Kayak.com to be agreeable for cheap flights.

Also, Sebby, can you do a video on the Military Lending Act and it's details?

meltingtomato says:

I do a mix of ITA Matrix, Google Flights, and FT. I also get emails from Air Canada and KLM. For a recent trip where the dates were fixed, I used Kayak as well.

Scott Musgrave says:

wow that google map thing is sweet!! Thanks!!

Tahmim Tammu says:

Sebby : could you tell me how can I setup flight deals only from New York on ifttt?
I would like to get notified Flyertalk premium fare thread deals from only new York area. JFK, LGA

Matthew Heitkamp says:

Sebby – Love the videos. I have found some ridiculous flight deals by booking on other countries websites (ie norwegian.uk). My family of 5 has flown to the UK from the east coast for $900 total, Copenhagen for $1000 roundtrip (all 5 of us) and all five of us are heading to Norway for $1200 roundtrip in October. The flights to Copenhagen would have been almost double booking on a .com and paying in USD. I spend a lot of time finding deals, but my three kids have been to almost 20 countries because of it. Thanks for the videos. Keep up the great work.

Craig B says:

Have you booked any package vacations through TravelZoo? Or have you used any other package websites that you would recommend? Maybe you can do a video on these types of websites.

Alexander Blums says:

Google flights is good 90% of the time but sometimes skyscanner/kayak finds cheaper/shorter routes. Especially for the budget EU to EU flights (ryanair, etc.).

Saibu Shayer says:

Hey Sebby, is your corgi drunk on Macallan 12?

Aidan Au says:

I wanna see your IFTTT recipes

Aidan Au says:


Cassandra Smith says:

This is a very useful video. Thanks!

Jeremiah Johnson says:

FYI Sebby
Google flights doesn't show all airlines. . Domestically anyway.
I found cheaper flights RT: SFO – LAX cheaper on Southwest. Only $38 each way making it 15-20% cheaper than what you said was best option.
Just thought you should insert than in future vids when speaking on Google Flights.
Love the vids ! Keep it up!
Thank you

i037 says:

Has anyone used kiwi.com? I've only used it to search for flights and it the best I've used for doing that, but I've never actually booked a flight with it so i'm curious if its a site worth using.

iMarketLive Gang says:

Hey Sebby, question have you ever heard of the "Select Black Card"? Can you do a video on it please i'm curious to know what's all the hype about that card..Thank You

Fernanda Chow says:

I use https://www.skyscanner.com

Pete Skeet says:

Thank you for this. Helpful and easy to understand

Misraim Cano says:

Muchas grasias un gran video 🙂

Jack Hake says:

I booked SQ from SFO-HKG for a trip in Sept. I didn't want to be stuck on United's 77W with 10 across 17inch wide seats.

Maciej Konczewski says:

Thanks for all your content and knowledge you share. I have learned so much from all of your videos. Much appreciated. Always on the lookout for the next one:)

Ed B says:

i always check the airport web site to see what airlines are offered …not all airlines will come up on kayak, priceline search.. i also check near by airports a $50 uber ride could save 100's

Crafty Come Lately says:

skyscanner, kayak and then Orbitz if you need to know the type of class to see if it's upgradeable with points (or money) after calling the airline to find out which classes are upgradeable.

Ron White says:

I've gotten pretty good flights from theflightdeal.com

Frank Semenek says:

Skyscanner if you're flexible. You don't need to specify anything but your departing airport if you want and it will show all locations/months applicable. Good site for people who don't necessarily care where they are going and are looking for a good deal.

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