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How To Find AMAZING Last Minute Travel Deals – Airline Savings & Hotel Discounts

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Looking for world travel deals? Whether you’re traveling with delta, airlines, united deals, adventure drips or travel destination deals, this travel guide is designed for you. All inclusive hotels and world travel on a dime with this matt granite the deal guy consumer travel review. Say hello a cheap trip with these tips!

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Elizabeth Martinez says:


Hotels Etc says:

Great video, thanks for sharing.

hans bryanwidjaa says:

70% thats insane

Cindy Keating says:

Good morning Matt! Did you ever hear of Car Que? It's a service that negotiates car deals to save you money, my husband just heard about it on the radio, WTAM 1100. They saved a guy $4000.00, I am not sure what the services costs. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Cindy

Cindy Keating says:

Great to see you back on the air today!! That night light/sound machine looks cool! I notice a lot of your deals lately come from Amazon, is there any reason? Thanks for your advice on new cars. Have a great day!!! Cindy :)

Cindy Keating says:

Thanks Matt, for all your help! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning. Keep me posted on the laptop deals? What are your thoughts on buying a new car? I know the end of year deals, but what about prior to the new 2017 cars coming out? Let me know. Thanks, Cindy

Gary Roth says:

I can't find that Nassau trip ? for $89 per night

Cindy Keating says:

Good morning Matt! Are you on vacation this week? If so, hope your having a great time! Still looking for the deals on laptop, Vizio 43" TV deals and Lego friend's deals? Your thoughts. thanks for your help! Cindy

Rise Gaming says:

Matt you should find deals on used cars ??

Lisa Sajec-Puckett says:

I soooo need a vacation!!

Pamala Wells says:

hey hold on does this mean you are giving away free trips lol

Jesstheman434 gaming says:

awesome videos you got I like watching them

pauline okot kotber says:

this is great. I travel a lot. this will be helpful.

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