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How to Eat Cheap while on Vacation: Tips to Save You Money on Food while travelling with Family

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Going on a family vacation can be expensive and the cost of food is a major item on your travel budget. Over the years we’ve developed a few tips and tricks on how we save money on food while travelling.
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What a shame Mary Jane says:

Very good tips! I'm from Italy and yes, we keep eggs out of the fridge :p When I travel one of the first things I do is going to the grocery store, because 1) it's fascinating to see the food habits of the local culture and just being 15 minutes inside of a grocery store is a great way to do that; 2) as you say to bring some staple food from home, I buy it right when I arrive at destination at the grocery store, so that it doesn't take space into my luggage, but you're right that for some items it's better to take them from home cause you won't need the whole package.

Sonny says:

Great Video. Thank you for posting.

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