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How to Book Cheap Airline Tickets (Using Google Flights + 4 Tips)

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Hi, this is Meagan Faye the fashion & travel vlogger from Canada: How to book cheap airline tickets online? I use Google Flights to find nearby airports – although Google Flights doesn’t actually always have the best flight deals.

Example for traveling to New York city in the United States of America: Instead of booking a flight to JFK airport, Book to Newark airport which is located in New Jersey city about 1 hour bus ride only from Manhattan.

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Video transcript:
Today’s video is going to be about 5 tips to find cheap flights and these are just the ways that I find cheap flights on my own.

I travel for a living so I’ve got a lot of experience finding a couple good deals every now and then so I thought I would share some of that information as follows:
The rule of thumb is if you book at least 12 weeks or three months in events you can usually find a really good flight deal I am actually really bad for this for those of you that have come over from maybe Loris channel or have seen Laura and I travel together.

We usually book our flights if we’re booking them we usually book our flights maybe two weeks out which is not very good but accusing these tricks sometimes we can find a pretty good deal even then but it is recommended to go at least 12 weeks in advance and it’s also good because there’s a ton of availability so you can kind of see a lot of competitor prices as well.

Tip number 2 ah okay so this one is to use Google flights. Google flights doesn’t actually always have the best flight deals we use it a lot all
the time but it’s really really good for seeing nearby destinations or nearby
airports and a lot of the times you can fly into a nearby airport and save some money versus going say if you’re going to New York you can fly to Newark instead of JFK and save some money.

Newark is actually an airport in New Jersey and then you can just hop on a bus or get a car and it’s about an hour I believe into Manhattan so there you go finding your by our airports let’s see.

Tip number three always search in incognito mode. So if you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser you can switch to incognito mode and you should do this every time you’re searching flights because most airline websites embed cookies in there whenever they embed cookies so that basically every time you search on their website they can track it and they can often times use those cookies to re-market to you.


Meagan Faye says:

Thanks for watching my first ever live stream! I'll be working on doing these every Monday, so make sure you subscribe and turn on your notifications to catch them while it happens! 🙂

Extremely Cheap Flights says:

thanks for this cheap flights video tips

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Mary Dung Nguyen says:

I use a lot of these tips! nice tips!

WanderingNeighborhoods says:

Hello Meagan!!!! Keep up with your Youtube Channel! I love your videos. And you give out secrets like "How to get Cheap Flights". 😉

DDIII3 says:

Nice job Meagan. Good info.

Sebastian Dylag says:

PS. what software do you edit on ?
I just posted (premiere in a minute) about editing on adobe premiere but I think you use final cut ? 😀

Sebastian Dylag says:

It's been a while since you have posted ! 😀
Okey, now onto the video, really interested in this (as I well, let's say "try" to make travel vlogs) so this could be useful ! 😀

Sebastian Dylag says:

First Comment ! 😀

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