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Sick of staying in cheap hostels but don’t know what the alternatives are without breaking the bank? Here are my top five booking websites and my top tips for bringing the price down even more on your accommodation!

Booking sites:

MeshTrip: www.meshtrip.com
Airbnb: www.airbnb.com
GET $34 OFF YOUR FIRST TRIP HERE: www.airbnb.com.au/c/aford34?s=8
Trivago: www.trivago.com
HostelWorld: www.hostelworld.com
LastMinute: www.lastminute.com


Ah, MeshTrip. My new found love. Having spent the past two years using various comparison sites, it always got my guts in a twist by how they always pull from JUST hotel and hostel sites. Listings with no character. EXPENSIVE! But MeshTrip is very different. This comparison site pulls over a million “instant book” listings from sites such as Airbnb, 9flats and vacation homes. Because they include just short term instant book listings, you don’t have to wait around for your host/hotel to get back to you and confirm the booking, it is done with a single tap of a button! So you are not just bombarded with expensive bland hotels, you actually get some awesome listings from some of the cheapest websites out there and you can get INSTANTLY excited about your upcoming trip!


It is really hard not to have heard about Airbnb if you read my blog or watch my videos as I am a woman obsessed. I use it for absolutely everything now (almost). Finding locals to stay with really enhances your time in a country and can even make you friends all over the world.


It is really rare that we actually want to stay in a hotel. Scott would be more willing than me because I always crave character when I visit a place, somewhere warm and cosy with a family feel. Hotels are just hotels. No matter where you go, they are four walls, all white with no personality. However, Trivago does not just find you hotels, it can also help you discover some cool BnB’s and fancy resorts (if that’s what you like!)


The hub of all hostels, both HostelWorld and HostelBookers offer the biggest range of youth hostels in any area in the world. Even though we don’t stay at hostels as much anymore, even though we really try to because the social aspect is incredible, but private rooms can be astronomical

Last Minute

lastminute.com may have seen it’s best days, with the introduction of newer, bigger and better booking sites now, it may have to consider retirement. However, on that note, let’s not give up on good old Last Minute just yet! When I started to use the site I was baffled by how ANYONE could find these deal cheap. But then I started to spend more time on the site, really searching through the listings, altering my dates and playing with locations and WOW. You’ve still got it LM! Even though I hate the website’s layout, I am a big fan on some of their last minute deals!

How long should you book accommodation for VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QOZrdeDKTNs


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Victor Bosselaar says:

Also worth a look is metasearch startup, AllTheRooms. They show listings of all available rooms from hostels, hotels, to home rentals. My go-to site to start my research since it gives a great overview of the market, then I pare down to find who offers the best prices. Worth checking out. http://www.alltherooms.com/VB/

Pentru Barbati says:

How can you find Short term accomodation like 2 weeks 3 months ?

Milk n Honey says:

ur a legend!!!

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

Great tips and sites. Ty

i Hotels Reviews says:

Thank you very much! I appreciate your job a lot!

Elias says:

you have the exact little jack in your tooth that I have. I believe this makes us soulmates. JK. Thanks for all the great videos. They really help alot!

Jessica Benoualid says:

Just booked for the first time and another suggestion would be to look at the actual hostel websites as well. We saved 30$CAD by booking on the actual website and not hostelworld.

Anna Katrín Mendes says:

I actually use hostels.com because you can find better prices there than in hostelworld.com and I find it easier to use! Meshtrip sounds awesome, totally going to try that!

Samantha Hill says:

Planning accomodation for a backpack trip up the eastern coast of oz. Should I book the hostels earlier? or wing it a bit? I don't have a set itinerary?

Alex A says:

Hotels have to get rid of rooms cheaply because they're more than 50% empty except for summer holiday time.

Callum Bolan says:

Nice Swan Aly!

Alicia en el pais de las maravillas says:

I love browsing air bnb and workaway lately…ive just gotten into it so I'm pretty sure I found out about it from watching your videos! Thanks so much for being inspiring and making me realize that I can easily travel xx

Niall Curley says:

Do you think a years working holiday to Australia leaving in August after completing a level exams in June is too young ? Going with a friend at 18

JewelzTheEditor says:

Thanks for the tips!! I've never of HostelWorld: http://www.hostelworld.com!! Gonna use it for an upcoming trip!

whoisshetoquestionfate says:

thank you:))

Molly In Motion says:

Would you recommend travelling with a small sleeping bag if you're planning on staying in hostels? Do places generally offer bedding or it is best to bring your own? I am planning on travelling with only carry-on luggage so im not sure what to do because a sleeping bag takes up a lot of space

binky bosman says:

Thank you so much! What hostel discount card in Australia do you advice?

muneerah ali says:

thank you sooo much for being so kind in sharing these links and travel info. I really love your personality! I haven't started my travels yet but this was really inspiring.

Matt P says:

off topic question: your macbook is a 13" or a 15"? what's the best fit for travels?

Mark Del Rio says:

+PsychoTraveller Can I give you a feet massage please if I see you personally? I also want to smell your feet if that's alright with you?

MissBeautymark says:

Just found your channel!! So love this and your tips. Will be using soon as I am getting that travel itch :)

She Rambles On says:

Never heard of mesh trip! Sweet, thanks :)

TheBoringLifeOfBeth says:

I use hostelworld since I travel alone, but if I was with a friend or my boyfriend I'd for sure love to stay at some of the places I've seen on Airbnb

Ginger & Brownie says:

Thank you so much for yet another amazing video! ❤️

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