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How To Book A Cheap Flight With Scott’s Cheap Flights

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Nicole from the Customer Advocacy Team shows you how to book a cheap flight from a Scott’s Cheap Flights deal email using both Google Flights and Momondo.

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Aidan Au says:

Nicole, make a video of how you color code your emails with filters/tags. Lemme know when the video is ready. Thank you in advance.

Itzae Aldama says:

how can I filter flights to avoid going through an especific country?

Cheers to Travels says:

Love the notifications we've received from Scott's! It's helped us tremendously when we're in search of flights to a specific region! Google flights and Momondo are our faves! This s a great tutorial! cheers~ F&S

Miles McGuriman says:

How about a tutorial on getting labels for different regions haha – What are you using for filters?

Mar Nuu says:

I was trying this but it doesn’t seemed to work in me. I could find the cheap flight but when I click,select & proceed the prices change into a very big sum. I’m hoping to find cheapest flights from Finland to Philippines this coming holiday. Dec-Jan 2019 could you help me

Mar Nuu says:

Is there any cheap flights from Finland to the Philippines or any Asian country near Philippines? Could you pls help me, Dec-Jan 2019

Tanaya Clark says:

Her teeth are AMAZING

Jon Christensen says:

Do you guys ever do flights to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil?

Wayne Barnes says:

Amazing fares. I live in New Zealand and could not believe getting a RT to SFO and then PHX for US$404. I would suggest to Scott's putting in the symbol for which currency you are using as some are NZ (if starting from NZ and by Air NZ) and some are USA. Once that I find a fare I like I switch to see if I can find it on United Airlines as I have been denied mileage from Air NZ too many times. United tracks your LIFETIME mileage and gives you benefits based on that.

madisoned says:

Appreciate the video. I'm curious when it comes to OTAs. I booked a flight after learning about it from Scott, the cheapest price was from a small OTA. When I went to their website, they said the deal was only available via phone. The online reviews for this OTA was mixed so I decided to book directly at a higher price with the airline instead. I prefer to see things in writing instead of over the phone. However, I'm still curious to hear success stories of booking travels via phone.

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