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How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You’re Broke AF)

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How To Afford to a Life of Non-Stop Travel (Even if You’re Broke AF). There are some tricks and hacks you need to know in order to get you living your dream life.

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Seriously…it’s not out of reach. Living full time on the road as a digital nomad is MORE than possible for everyone. Don’t shy away from this life. It’s not reserved for celebrities or rich people.

I’ve been traveling for over 12 years now with my own money using the methods outlined in the video.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Let me know what your favourite insight from this video is.

Sorelle Amore

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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Alice Pointg says:

Hi, great video, thank you for making that! Could you please tell me how well do you plan your trips before going somewhere?

Courtney says:

youre so outgoing

Sidney Alexandra says:

I just found your channel. Aaaaaand I've been watching you for an hour and a half (I should sleep now). YOU ARE BOMB. Thank you for being you, and I will be following your journey — and hopefully picking up some wonderful tips along the way. Cheers.

pedal mamma says:

Having problem understanding this fast talking:/

Carla Celine says:

That sounds really cool, but if you quit your job all the time, who will pay your pension? I'm afraid if I follow your tips I'm gonna be poor when I'm old (and also before lol)

carojanine says:

right now im studying biology but I want to travel as much as I can. Im from Europe so its easier to travel a few days here and there and thats what im doing as often as I can. I love sciences and I want to leave something useful for this planet and especially for the environment but I just can't imagine myself working 9-5 in a company later. I hope I`ll find a way to combine my 2 biggest wishes, working on my own and doing something useful, maybe with starting my own company or something that does something useful. There are many great projects of people nowadays. I'm curious where my way will lead me πŸ™‚ thanks for this very helpful video!

Δ‘oΓ n jane says:

This video did help you to gain one more subscriber babe! πŸ˜‰ So inspiring!!

Sanidhya Kush says:

Stop laughing this much! It distracts

Emily Thomas says:

I looked into Volunteering abroad for "free" or "little cost" and they are EXPENSIVE! $2000 and that's not including flight for most of the places. I searched for volunteering a bit up north in my own country and they are about the same price geez.. πŸ™
Will check out the affordable flight sites!

Evie Elliot Gerzio says:

As a South American , this does not resonate.

Madeline Ingram says:

Damn, my first kid is almost here, too bad i didn't watch this video a few months ago πŸ˜‚ I still find a lot of these tips helpful though

Bhavik Mavadia says:

Amazing advice! Thanks πŸ™‚

Michel Watt says:

What is your background? I know you said you’re from Australia, but are you also Polish?

Daniel Barriquelo says:

Living in a country where your currency is worth 1/4 of a dollar or almost 1/6 of an euro makes everything so much harder

Adventure Labs says:

Sorelle, this was extremely good advice! We took the info you talked about and landed our first brand deal. We didn't do the Air B and B thing but we leveraged our strengths and opportunities and are now working with 100k follower pages. We're currently on our dream road trip traveling from California to Whistler, Canada and got it completely paid for! Thanks again!!!

Anthony Intelisano says:

So were you slumming it when you traveled to travel cheap? I know theres tips to see Iceland cheap, but they stay in hostels. Meh. Just got back from Iceland, my hotel was $350 a night, I rented a AWD SUV so that was about $1000, dinner for two easily cost us $250 a night. Even when we tried to rough it with pub food. Burgers and fries $66 for two. Plus plane tickets. In the end I lost count how much the trip cost us. But we were over $4000 before we even got there. I looked up Scotland, Norway and Switzerland to plan our next trip and I found out they're outrageously expensive just like Iceland tears so I guess your advice to travel cheap would be, dont go where you want to go, go where it's already cheap.
Unfortunately the cheap countries don't appeal to me. Might have to keep my next trip local in America πŸ™

kirsty claire says:

Love the video! Check out my latest travels to London and Amsterdam and give me your tips x

Anthony Balaz says:

Appreciate the information

Kelly Pardoe says:

You are a LIFE SAVER. Thank you for all the flight website recommendations. I am super siked about this! I love your photography also. You are such a treat to watch and listen to! πŸ™‚ Love & light <3

Ashley says:

Wow travel goals just amazing 😧😍

fun off says:

When everyone is an 'influencer' who will be left to influence. I hope people don't listen to this

J N austan says:

You are from PL ??? Lets hug sister/

Angela Sitiriche says:

I wish I could travel after I graduate but I have student loans to pay off πŸ™

Zardos Spinosa says:

maybe you have found a secret and yea when your young go for it, ah bar girl, great good luck with that, not really found anyone yet who is able to travel non-stop with no money and I know very few people who have managed to make money off the net, I have met more who have lost money, of course there is good old square space, to me negative advertising always fast forward and I would never use them anyway on principle

Zycho says:

'9-5 is a very oldschool way of working'… seriously, what fucking reality do you live in!? cunt.

Zycho says:

I wonder what your CO2 footprint is. Must be GIGANTIC.

Victoria says:

are u poliiiish?

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