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How much does it cost to travel the world? Are we rich? We share exactly how much we spent on what in 2.5 years of traveling the world as a couple.

Beard growth time lapse video: https://youtu.be/dlqE7XRzWVw
Shaving the beard and Eva’s reaction: https://youtu.be/yaW3jT94fAw

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RUSSIAN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/JonandEva
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/JonandEva
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/jonandeva
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TWITTER – https://twitter.com/JonandEva

September 7th, 2018
Moscow, Russia

Filmed on Canon Rebel T6i.



Thanks for the massive support guys! Tell us what kind of videos you'd like to see on the channel. What questions do you have for us?

I Will Spam says:

They way she looks at him… my god

pentekimi says:

have you taken any vaccines before and/or during the trip?

john Michael says:

Ya,,indian people are really friendly 😍😍,,i been there for few weeks

Amar Ansari says:

did you guys ever talk about how you met?

Justine Mango says:

You guys just gave me a life goal.
I'll travel arround the world.

Now I just need to find the husband.

Jordan Mandel says:

2 Questions: 1) Did you ever feel like you were missing out on the interesting local food? 2) Forgot what I was going to ask.

Kyle Skerjanec says:

Watched the trip/EPIC beard growth video about a week ago. Then the beard cut video. After watching this video I'm such a fan of how they just went for it. They seem to be so happy with their decision. They both are smiling the entire time!

Christopher Baviera says:

The problem of a such long trip is that you don't need only the money for the trip itself, you need a lot more of money for the unexpected. It can happen to go to the hospital, to get lost, to be robbed, everything that can go wrong it can. You spent that much money and i think it's not so much, you were good at savings, but you surely must have a biggest heritage to afford this kind of trip, at least 5 times this amount…

Spazz ESO says:

This is amazing! You guys are amazing and so inspiring!

ButterPeanutSandwich says:

The price of flying around the USA compared to EU is crazy. It’s so cheap in EU I’m jealous

Melvin Luna says:

Relationship goals! I wanna travel the world with my soulmate too lol!

N3KLAZ says:

Now your channel name makes sense… CAN for Canada and RUS for Russia. But what does the H stand for? πŸ€”

IL KL says:

This girl always smile. WTF? Why she so happy? :)))))))

A JK says:

she has a nice smile

Nefer says:

15:00 thank me later

Leverquin says:

you two are real nomads.

SnowOrchids says:

Other people would probably do subtitles for your russian videos

Leverquin says:

when i worked in usa i use to live with russians, and must say your wife have classical russian face πŸ™‚ by just looking you can guess that she is from russia. cheers from serbia.

Leverquin says:

you didn't visit serbia. i am sad.

Yetti Man says:

This is crazy.

Justin Share-it says:

Amazing. How exciting. Thanks for sharing this guys!

Greg Jones says:

She is just too pretty. Congrats on your trip and YouTube success!

Armas Tikko says:

"English is not my strongest subject"

Me Tube says:

Show us Moskau, show us how to speak Russian as a Canadian, tell us what you would avoid on a world trip, tell us the horror stories and the best moments of the trip, tell us how you guys find each other, what foot is great and what made you sick, show us your passport and all the stamps and so on and on and on πŸ™‚
Now im getting into your videos and see that you explaned a lot of it alreddy πŸ™‚

Sasha Brennen says:

I Am English and I live in Moscow and I go to a school there did you teach at a English school?

Me Tube says:

I love this couple, very good vibrations!
Nice trip around the world but a lot of people do that and its nothing special, YOU are special!!!


You should start to bout advertisement in your videos

as df says:

I go to moscow in one week maybe i can meet you πŸ˜€
Greetings from germany

Mehlstaub the Cat says:

She loves you, i can see it, clearly!

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