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How I saved 67% on my Hotels – Booking Hotels CHEAP in 2019

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Want to know how to book cheap hotels in 2019? This online booking application allows you to cut out the middleman and get the best deals with big name hotels. Save up to 70% off your hotel booking using this: https://signup.travelsmarter.com/vip?affiliate_id=1537101 (Try TravelSmarter for FREE – 30 day Trial).

If you try it out, share how much you saved and your experience using TravelSmarter in the comments.

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Lost LeBlanc says:

I hope the delay was worth it! I wanted to do my research before releasing this one and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you.
TravelSmarter will personally allow me to save thousands of dollars this year and I hope it will help you to stay in nicer hotels and enjoy more experiences from the places you visit.
Give it a risk free try here: https://signup.travelsmarter.com/vip?affiliate_id=1537101 (30 Day free trial)
Share your experiences and savings in the comments below and as always…
See you next Saturday!

Elena Hayianni says:

Please help me! I signed up for the membership earlier this month and now I want to cancel it.
I've been sending them messages ALL day but they dont get back to me! What should I do??

Mark Kavit says:

I left messages twice on there vm about canceling and have not heard back from them. Have not been able to get anyone live. Will try one more time. Then I guess I will need to call the bank to be sure charge is not honored.

crps racing says:

more story telling and great photos and video …thats what the people crave ….feed the masses brother show us the platter….

Leonardo Ricardo says:

Omg thank you so much for sharing your insider tips and paying it forward, I signed up for the site and saved $304 dollars when comparing it with Expedia. Its crazy!!!!!!

naumannphotography says:

Travelsmarter is such a scam. I compaired prices in Hawaii and in LA and the same time with several other hotel booking sites and they are all the exact same price. The difference I guess is you have to pay a yearly fee with Travelsmarter.com. what a real scam. with Hotels.com at least after every 10th night I get a free night and Hotel service and restaraunt daily credits so that is way better.
I’m really dissapointed in you Lost LeBlanc. I’ve watched your videos religiously in the past, But lately your videos seem more like a car dealership commercials. I was so excited to try this Travelsmarter out because my wife and I travel a lot and we feel that because of all these hotel websites that it has been hugely marked up. You used to just call up the hotel you want to go to and directly book with them and it was way cheaper. Anyway you and I are from the same neighbourhood and that makes it even more sad. Maybe you have been scammed by Travelsmarter. So sad.

Michael Gregory says:

Not bad, but there are better sites than that one.

Mark Kavit says:

Love your videos, I'm one of your earliest subscribers.I subscribed to Travel Smarter because of you. Had difficulty using the site. Would try different dates and hotels checking rates and received numerous error messages. Had a hard time finding a way to get in contact with someone to cancel my trail membership. Finally had to leave a email and voice message. Sorry to say in my case did not find the saving to be worth the subscription. Going back to using Expedia for my research, then contacting the hotel direct.

Lazy Travelers says:

Love to see your videos. They inspired me a lot 🙂

dondee fabe says:

@so nice one

Pradeep Mahato says:

Does this mean had the booking been done at the hotel counter (say something 2-3 months ahead) it would have costed almost same as posted on travelsmarter (considering a 2-5% variation) ?

Ruthi and Hamer says:

We're traveling non-stop for the next two years and this is the first time we've heard of TravelSmarter.. this is seriously not a sponsored video? We're going to look into it!

Dushyant Bapna says:

Spam…i want to cancel my subscription but got no reply from them since last 3 days

Living in the Pacific says:

Personally, I look for those $12usd rooms, and sometimes I'll splurge and spend upwards of $24usd. When I'm on the move, all I need is a hot shower, aircon, and a bed! But, this does sound like something many people could use… but then I just read the previous comment and hence, this edit!

Back2Life says:

Left my career and been traveling the world for 4 months now!! Can’t wait to reach this point!! -Back2Life

Pamela Gru says:

I hope I will grow my channel like you 🙂 Travel is literally my life.

Mp0w3r says:

how can i give a 100 likes a video?

Poseidon Adventures says:

No fees when booking directly with the hotels. I work in the hotel industry and we usually can bring the price down a little more when you call directly. Hotels.com doesn’t charge a huge fee I always just see taxes. They charge the hotel a fee but not the consumer.

Shruti Agrawal says:

waiting for your today video , it now u haven't uploaded 🙁

iNøVaTiOn says:


Help fund my travel to the Azores with Chris Hau! Donations would be so appreciated!

wilkin.simon says:

veneers? or parents dentists?

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