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Today I reveal my process and secrets to finding super cheap flights! Here are some awesome websites I use to get a great deal!


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Antonio Sieza says:

Thank you for the great tip about going incognito.

Alejandra Molina says:

Thank you for helping out travel addicts like myself save some money!!! you are awesome 🙂

Maria Saadeh says:

you've made travelling look less scary, and overall more accessible.
so happy I stumbled upon your channel !
much love from Lebanon ♥

Isabella Parker says:

this is so so so so so SO HELPFUL THANK YOU

Xenon says:

How about Google flights?

On Airplane Mode says:

Skyscanner is the best out there! Great advice, especially going incognito… We use VPN as well 🙂

Florida Outdoor Adventures says:

Excellent tips!

Matthew Gunning says:

great video ☺ im
planning on gradually getting around the world from the uk, through europe, then onto india, then east aisa (of course lol), maybe austrialia and then onto the US too where im wanting to go by train across ending up in new york, lots and lots i knooo, im flexible with when i go and even where and how long i stay in each place, is it a bad idea to go with no advance flights booked at all and just book no more than a week or two in advance, will there be flights all year round that are cheap enough? im worried all the fares so close to departure will sky rocket, help ? glad i discovered u btw x

Iloveny09 says:

hi Ally, I'm guessing air asia ? are good if you fly with them all the time

UnitedPebbles says:

Can you believe Vietnam is in the top five countries visited by Americans?? The others are the UK, Japan, India, and China. Must be fun to keep relations!!!

UnitedPebbles says:

I usually used Travelocity and Expedia for comparison BUT used travel agent for long trip to like Vietnam or India(two strange, dangerous, affordable places with big boobies women). And they are packed with tropical diseases!!!

Mary and Plushies says:

I am planning to fly to Birmingham this summer, since I lived there and I really miss the place. But I am hating the hours, the cheapest flight is from Luton at 6 am >< but I'll find a way I am sure 😀

Jorge García López says:

What camera are using? 🙂

heezenr1 says:

google flights.

미소 says:

how can we surf incognito? (thanks in advance!)

David Convery says:

complete bull, the best time to book flights is as early as poss. Skyscanner does not have live prices, they will always add on more fees

Gaia Myaphoenix says:

I used Kayak last year, to flight from Europe to US. On Kayak was the best price. Then, when I checked out to pay, I had an extra €70 or so, added to the final price, for taxes or I don't remember what. And I couldn't do anything about that. So it looks cheaper than other, but in the end I don't think so.
If anyone knows something about Kayak, let me know 'cause I'm curious…!

CrunchyNut says:

Jetstar australia have a "friday frenzy", we booked two ppl return Perth Western austtralia to Bangkok nine hundred aussie dollars with in flight meals, luggage & extra legroom seats on the perth -singapore leg. Yeah a six hour transit in singapore but for 900 why not!

moody salah says:

great info. "thumps up"

Elusive Illusion says:

How do you "go incognito" to look up flights?

Discount Flights says:

finding cheap flights, thanks

Kelly M says:

Keep in mind, if you buy your airfare through a site other than the airline's website, you will likely not have a good seat selection and if you have a problem or miss a flight you are pretty much SOL. The airline can't help you, so you have to decide if saving those few $£€¥ with worth potentially losing your whole investment.

James Robinson says:

It is what it is any traveller worth there salt would not dramatise a situation that is part of life in a third world country

Thomas Jeleniewicz says:

How trustworthy is momondo? I've never heard of them, should I trust them for a flight from San Francisco to Warsaw?

star seroja says:

What do you think about world ventures travel agency?

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