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How I Budget Travel + FREE PDF Budget Sheet!

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I am a 25 year old who turned her life around via a plant based diet! I suffered from drug addiction, an eating disorder, several digestive disorders, anxiety/OCD and have healed them all via going plant based vegan!

I am currently budget traveling long term with my partner.. We live minimally and try to keep our lives as eco conscience as possible. We don’t have set plans on life and love living it that way! We hope to start a family once we feel 100% confident on all spectrums – but for now it is just us 😛

I share lifestyle tips, recipes, what I eat videos, travel vlogs, mental health help and whatever else I have to share!

Wanna go plant based? 🌿Visit StellaTheLight.com for more on my coaching programs/ebook, my full story, recipe blog, personal blog, clients reviews + much more! ⚡️Contact me today and I will get you started!

🌻My Instagram: @StellaTheLight
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1:17 Section 1: How I Began My Own Savings!
5:36 Section 2: How I Began Budgeting!
6:57 Section 3: Budget Traveling Tips
9:56 Section 4: How To Follow “Relaxed Budgeting”
12:19 Section 5: How I Budgeted For Hawaii // Travel
15:37 Section 6: Overall Budgeting Tips


I didn’t know how else to link this (I am clearly not tech savvy enough) ..

So here is the sheet up on my site! Instructions are in the description.

No need to add in a proper shipping address or anything – just make sure your email is correctly types for you to receive the PDF! (PS: I do not send spam / group emails to you .. I definitely don’t know how to do that either LOL)



Stella The Light says:

Hey Everyone! I hope you love this video.. I tried to pack in as much info as I could and it ended up being Podcast length … feel free to sit and watch me throw my hands around like a weirdo OR you can just pop your head phones in and listen like a podcast. Should I start a podcast? I love to talk and have SO much to talk about! ..would be so amazing!

Times are written in the description .. as well as a link to the Free Budget Sheet! Let me know if you have any trouble with anything – and any further questions or concerns on budgeting .. ask away, I will be answering all comments!

H. E. says:

Recently I have been thinking about how much I would LOVE a podcast from you! Today I have been playing your videos while I clean…listening rather than watching. (:
I also wanted to say that I think it is so sweet how you mentioned wanting to take care of your mom when she is older. I work as a nurses aide in a nursing home and see so many elderly people without family willing to care for them. They are treasures and deserve all the love we can give them.

Jennifer Manly says:

Hi lovely, thank you for sharing! Would you mind sharing what you would recommend for an average amount of savings that you would have to take to move over to Hawaii? I'm planning on moving there in January/February of next year and would just love your thoughts on what you feel would be the best amount to have. Just a general amount as I know everyone is different. Thanks!

Maria Luisa Ambrosi Sacconi Rosati says:

I absolutely love the tone of our voice in this video, it is so relaxing and calming!! I could easily listen to you speaking for an hour haha! I have a deep question: could you do a video or just talk about how to find our own path in life?? How do you know what job do you want to do and what to study or where to go if you do not have any strong passion or hobby or drive? I am working on growing new passions and find something as I found myself without any passion and miserable.

Meg says:

This is great, thank you! I think you would be great at podcasting. My fav podcast is Rich Roll 👍

Gen G says:

Stella I love you so much <3 you are a true teacher. And you funny girl when the camera was dying. Thank you for sharing knowledge. You changed my life ❤️

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