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HOW I AFFORD TO TRAVEL!?! – Budget Travel Tips!

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How I Afford to Travel? Budget Travel Tips1 Ive been traveling the world for 2 years now and today Im gonna tell you all my secrets! Tune in and try to learn a bit! Im excited to share all these tips with you guys 😀

Sites I spoke about!
SkyScanner – https://www.skyscanner.net/

Airbnb – www.airbnb.co.uk/c/talo27

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Michael Bruchas says:

I love your choices, but am afraid that your Head is gonna blow up from your happy manic-ness….

I LIKE you says:

what if u have nothing….

jobert says:

love this channel. keep up the good work!

Kai Bennet says:

Love this vid! Thank you 🙏🏼 it’s very informative and I agree with everything you said. And being funny never hurts 😄

Divert Living says:

you for sure have to lower your standards on where you stay to afford full time travel haha that was a big shock to me when i started traveling full time. Great video man very inspirational

nah 낳jo 조 says:

Excited for my next travel.

Ant Lino says:

This is an awesome video! Keep going! I love your travel lifestyle. I want to do this. I want to do what your doing!

Mauli Ako says:

You have a free spirit. I should do that before I go underground .

Food for Dan says:

Keep it real… love your no BS vlogs

Kay Maynard says:

ok dude this is seriously inspiring, just come from your first roadtrip video on your spring break, and now i really want to travel more!!! dude thank you!!! also, lake district? chances are you're in a 2 hr radius of where i live

BPwhistleblower says:

Yup, a Miami boy quoting 2Livecrew… LUKE FOR MAYOR!

Ron says:

You still don’t tel” us (HOW DO YOU COME BY $?)

DP Mercado says:

as low as $9…yes, be that as it may be, but where did you get the money still….you got it cheap, okay, but you still needed money! have you not monetized your channel yet?

Denmark Roque says:

You deserve more subs and be heard more sir 😀
this is one good motivational video on going out of your comfort zone 😀

Nick Ducusin says:

Hi sorry for the late comment but I just viewed this. Does you tube pay enough to travel around if you make enough travel vlogs?

Occasional Travelers says:

Where is that 9 euro in Paris?

Horace Orlina says:

New subscriber, seen already a lot of your videos since you arrived in the Philippines. I also love travelling, you've given very useful tips how to travel, I'll just have to figure out how to afford to travel more with 3 kids and wife. How long are you going to be in the Philippines? Awesome videos, keep it coming, I hope you get a better weather out there.

chinky salazar says:

This is what I need in my life. Im single, but stuck in my life right now. Im 30 and i wanna travel the world. All I need is a lil push, coz its the Fear of the Unknown is what holding me back. Thank you Joe, i hope, i can make it nxt year when I get home.

Reynalyn Jainga says:

Awesome tips😉

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