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In this vlog, I provide a brief breakdown of my average daily expenses as a budget traveller in Sofia, Bulgaria, and share the kind of prices you can expect to find in supermarkets and restaurants around the city. I also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Boyana Church.

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Ishti Hussain says:

Nice video. Which camera are you using?

Darrell O'Farrell says:

Very good vlog son.It is refreshing that you don't deem it necessary to mention whorehouses and ladies of the night which the Thailand vloggers/ebeggers do regularly to sell their wares.I have also been recently to Sofia and you will certainly arouse an interest in other prospective travelers who may want to visit. Subscribed.

Nazareth Qarbozian says:

Just got back from there, nice little video it is quite cheap.

Roberto Rocca says:

Good video. I'd like to know what is shisha exactly. Here in Southamerica we have chicha, which is a fermented or non-fermented beverage usually derived from maize. Chicha includes corn beer known as chicha de jora and non-alcoholic beverages such as chicha morada, from purple corn this last. Greetings from Perรบ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Elena Stoyanova says:

You're doing great job! Keep it up!ย 
I just wanted to say that if you explore Bulgaria not only the capital you could find even cheaper prices for food, transport etc. In the capital of Bulgaria is quite expensive especially at "Vitosha street" . So I would highly recommend you to visit province such as: Ognyanovo – which is tourist resort famous with its mineral water which is about 30 degrees or more . Around the village you can find Kovachevitsa- where you can see many guest houses in the traditional style, Sandanski which is also close to there, Bansko-famous ski resort ย and many others. :)))ย 
Thanks for sharing this video , really enjoyed watching it!

Curious Pavel says:

and there were times when 1 pound was 2.90 leva..
4:05 that was not vodka but Mastika. It is an anise-flavoured drink, quite strong:)

All in all I like the concept of this video as you show prices, recommendation of a stay, you explain more, not just vlogging your stay. This is what I Love and what I DO with my channel. Thumbs up, Jason. This video was enough for me to Subscribe to you;)

Keep it up

Zalmanstar says:

That's not vodka its mastic.
at 4:04

Sava 1567 says:

There is a direct transport to Boyana Church ๐Ÿ˜€

johno doh says:

I went to bulgaria twice this year,sofia is a nice city. The roads were great and the people were awesome. One thing ive noticed is : where I went,there were all kinds of Us fast food franchises and you couldnt see local fast foods . Not a negative but worth mentioning. Also I noticed they love expensive cars.

Davidoaia Petru-Iulian says:

Why you didn't visit IaลŸi city, the second city, as importance, of Romania and the north cultural and traditional of Romania ( Suceava and Neamศ› area)?

La Taifas Cu Grasuta says:

Hi I don't understand why you don't have more subs ? I really enjoyed the video with Bucharest I am born in Romania too but I am living in USA now but was really amazing too see how much you can spend for everything there I will watch the rest of your videos Keep the good work ๐Ÿค—cheers mate

rawstarmusic says:

I guess you're in Sofia and in the tourist parts. I wonder how cheap the locals can get their food? The salary is low so they can't run on your prices. 34 lev for a day isn't awesome cheap. That would be 1000 lev for a month. Locals don't get that much in salary.

lap ja says:

Did you came across any gypsies?

Jopinn says:

Which app are you using for the currency?

Ad Ec says:

Since I can see you're taking your time to explore each country, I'd sincerely recommend you check out Evgeni Dinev. He has a couple blogs on his own and is active on Facebook and some photography websites too. The guy has been all over the country and is like an encyclopedia of beautiful spots, illustrated with his breath taking photos. Another good source for you would be the book "101 ะพั‚ะฑะธะฒะบะธ" (101 otbivki), which I'd translate as 101 side tours/side trips. You can either go through it in most book stores and find some spots you'd like to explore or buy it as a small collection of places. It's in Bulgarian, but you should be able to easily find the spots, which catch your attention. Wish you a memorable journey!

Ad Ec says:

Hey Jason! Just bumped into your channel. One piece of advice to you if it's not too late and to those, who are thinking of traveling to Sofia – the exchange rates in Bulgaria and especially in Sofia are way better than those in the UK and most other European countries I've been to. Therefore, it's always better to exchange your money once in Sofia. A great place, where they exchange all sorts of obscure currencies is Nikar. I think Crown in Sofia are decent too. I'd stir away from some exchange shops by the seaside, but even the worst there have better rates than Royal Mail and most other places I've checked out in the UK.

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