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How expensive is Singapore? I spend an entire day breaking down my expenses as a budget traveller, showing you the type of costs you can expect to find here for food, accommodation and sightseeing.

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1) Intro music provided by Frequency
Track: TFLM – Lost in Your Eyes (feat. Anja)
Link: https://youtu.be/AtSKlISM8d8

2) Lonov – Heart Mending

Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x
– iPhone 7


Elyrim says:

Welcome to my world!

chephren chua says:

Jason you really do singapore justice, very neutral and you visited the right place for comparison and travel, ORCHARD ROAD happened to be one of the most expensive place to eat, yet you manage to find the food center and convenient store for your need. Taking the MRT between place (even to and from the airport) is among the cheapest in the world. Staying at hostel is the smart choice too.
We singaporean complained way too much, until those who have lived elsewhere in the world will they realized we are the luckiest people, a little expensive but it's a small price to pay for the life we get…cheers!

Zahanah Salleh says:

Jason Billam travel.. mrt have driver only some of them..

simluaysan says:

Most foods in Singapore would be much more spicy than yours as chili is something popular in Singapore

GurnBurn Gt says:

Im from singapore:((

vulgar wolf says:

Hi I live in singapore

Jaela Limmie says:

Budget travel. My foot lah. If one go budget travel go Bukit Panjang/bukitbatok not the town areas.

nashi nash says:

Its very different experience between a traveler to this city-state than to live and work here where the costs of living tend to crept up and make significant dents in your wallets.

Apollo Plays says:

I Live In SG And SG Was Founded My The British Empire (But The Malaysian Found It First In 1249 A.D)

CrabbyPlayz says:

I live in sg

awie alshahab says:

You should go to central fire station there is also a lot of trains

Brayden Jun Ying says:


Wallis KYF says:

Drinks are usually overpriced in Singapore…
The cheapest you can buy is from supermarkets.

Hope you enjoyed your trip here 😉

Cool Lanner says:

Singapore fans here xdd >>???

Mohd Izwan Bin Mohd Fauzi says:

Haaaaa shem of you enly komplen dat you nou.

ZaxGTx says:

Stop judging my country

Minecrafty Sam says:

If you prefer cheap, you could go to the hawker centre for only $5 a meal

Nick Zhang says:

Australia is much more expensive than singapore, you're gonna spend twice for a meal in australia.

Heather Tan says:

What camera are you using?

Frank12387 says:

MRT always breakdown one, haha..

Julia Choy says:

Should go to the hawker centre to eat and lot of nice food the only thing was no air conditioner, as it cost only $3.00 and drink only $0.80 most expensive only $1.20.
Who asked to go those expensive places to eat? Those food also can get from hawker centre.

Anonymous 666Demons says:

thats nice cuz i live in singapore

XxPink unicornxX says:

To singaporeans like me the price is fine but since you're from a different country the amount u earn in the country and how much u change it for in Singapore currency it might be more expensive. Also u re in a restaurant . Lets say at 9:48 the prices and totally worth it. I do not think our Prime minister or President will lower prices for tourists. They put what is totally affordable if u work in Singapore as it is Singapore currency u could go to a hawker centre delicious !!!….if u look in the current news, Singapore lowered the prices like for senior citizens. I feel proud to be a Singapore citizen. I'm also the offending anyone who disagree with me la. I'm just saying out my thoughts ma 😛

Freaky Fafa says:

Tq for coming to my country bro

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