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How expensive is Malaysia? Today I will run through the cost of accommodation, food and drink, transportation and also activities to help you budget your trip to Malaysia!

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active boy says:

You want eat or shopping very cheap in Malaysia. Friend with local. Their are show to you. Where and how to get insane price.

XynanXDB says:

You need to go Ipoh, it was listed in Lonely Planet travel list, so it is worth a visit.

ya yaya says:

some nice places to visit if you cant satisfy your diversity fix with all that the internet and media has to offer. but ultimately they are forever destined to remain shit places made by shit place making people. even chinese medicine 101 tells you that tropics especially are not conducive to producing intellect. and it is more than apparent when non tropical people try to live in tropics. you can actually see the detrimental affects on their physical and psychological health. hence the history of euros, and others like northern chinese, continually failing to standardize and domesticate the tropical people. non euro people/nations are the most racist, tribalist, nationalist, nativist, united all across the planet. engrained tribalism, even after many generations outside of their native tropic. it never fails. theres always a few exceptions, but people who move from western nations to developing world are just plain stupid, crazy, or something else, but still also shit people one way or another. english teachers being the worst. selling out their homes quality and way of life to the armies of western emulators who ultimately only take from the westerners world, and now overrun all the nice places they created for themselves and their own, turning them into the shit places they ran away from. not rocket science. sure people can visit if they want, but immigration is now obsolete with its purpose of diversity of knowledge now provided by modern communications, without the huge negative affects on society of actually bringing in foreigners.

Long Chai says:

Hidup d malaysia sntiasa baki……

Ray Ray says:

What about Internet broadband …wifi access spots…cost per month for example… Does the power go off from time to time as is the case in India? Great information you do a fantastic job, me first time here… Just curious why 'psycho' You seem normal ::–))

Jovan Lee says:

I remember when I visited Japan and I said I was from Malaysia. They literally said this: I have one fuqing question. Why is your food so goddamn cheap? I almost took like 700 yen to really be full here(Japan)!

Laura Enola says:

Rm 100 is 20 euro i think

Muhammad Farouq says:

very accurate. hope you guys had fun. please visit us again ๐Ÿ™‚

syahirah aishah says:

she goes to NSK haha ๐Ÿ˜‚

PoopyFACE says:

Aku Tau kenapa Malaysia Mahal sebab best dekat Malaysia

Tohoshinki says:

Have money =cheap
Don't have money =Expensive

adam ixa says:

Rule of thumb for foreigner, don't ride a taxi. Use Uber/Grab


I spend RM10 and get 7 roti canai. How Greatful

m y says:

I swear Somalia is more expensive


The supermarkets in KL are now pretty expensive. Example – 6 mince pies 60 ringgit at BSC jason grocers! Fruit like blueberries normally 15 myr a box and imported food very high. In Singapore supermarkets prices now close to KL maybe even cheaper. Kettle crisps Jaya Grocer 16 myr. 2 for 6 dollars in Singapore. Sometimes u have to use supermarkets tho I prefer to eat out.

Flight Of Spice Blog says:

OMG love this travel guide!! can you check out mine in my chanel? What do you think!?

Chloe Why says:

Sup I from malaysia am Chinese am here ๐Ÿ™‚

michael cham says:

How much for a bus ride from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu

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