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How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips

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Travelling Japan is cheaper and easier than ever before thanks to a recent boom in tourism.
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Abroad in Japan says:

I MENTIONED I travelled with some friends for two weeks; the total cost of our accommodation and transportation came in at £530 ($690) each. On top of this we spent at least another £600 each on food/drink, as it was their first time to Japan and they wanted to splash out and try everything. So in total around £1100 for the two weeks (NOT including their return flights to Japan from the UK). IF you have any budget travel wisdom, please share away below!

Helena. says:

I can really reccomend The Dragon Trip. Went to Tokyo, Hakone, Kamakura, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka for £1,499 (travel, JR Passes, Accomadation, Experience Tickets all included) – It's a great trip and you meet some amazing people and get a real sense of Japan (it has a good mixture of tourist and non tourist experiences) – Hope you guys check it out and think about booking! 😊

Erzy Werzy says:

Would I have a hard time going to Japan without knowing Japanese???????? I'm assuming obviously lol

ihzero says:

Are you mocking Thoughty2 at the end? lel

The Poor Gamer says:

carfull he is talking about weekdays

blindfoo says:

best part of japan is definitely matsuya

Pablo Champagne says:

Can you get breakfast in Japan that is not rice? Like common breakfast cereals, toast, pancakes or something similar fruityoghurts and things like that?

luffy4959 says:

I enjoy and appreciate the (British) humor in your videos. Classy (humor) and informative videos.

Aidan Langridge says:

I'm watching this alone, in the dark, and I can certainly confirm that the speaker play in your soundtrack is legitimately terrifying.

AJ Chandra says:

I know I'm late but..

Hotel? Trivago.

Chris Snead says:

Don't know how I got here, haven't thought about traveling to Japan but somehow this popped up on my front page.

roblrocks says:

Really great video thanks alot

Blank Sky says:

I swear, I had to go back about 8 times because I heard him say that you are best off staying in a Hospital for 2000 £

LET Mino says:

You should mention couchsurfing in the accommodation section, it worked very well for me in Japan and you get to stay with locals.

Absolute Zero says:

Fukushima ?

D Jaquith says:

That 'Capsule' .. is the 'Coffin' hotel, NFW.

kainoamh says:

Quick Question: I hate soup. If I go to Japan, will I be miserable?

Ryoko007 says:

Lol. Wish i went past more than 1 minute. You just answered most of my questions i gave a minute ago.
What about traveling with children? Any good offers u know

Ryoko007 says:

Hi, abroad in japan. What about flights and hotels? Which website did u find to be the cheapest good offers to travel to japan? I got 3 children too plus my husband. Whens the best time would you advise is good and cheap to go?

Luis Minervino Vlog says:

this is a really, REALLY informative and well thought vid. Just what i needed to know! Thanks!

P Todd says:

Hello, I have a question. I have to eat a gluten-free diet do you think that would be hard to do in Japan?

LSU Cyndaquil The biggest baller says:

lol tabasco in japan? it's like I'm eating at a chinese resturaunt in nola

paul Z says:

But I love berry and Deborah.. and we were pretty drunk!

Luciano De Oliveira says:

so… if someone did it ln skateboard… what about a bike?

Bluee Bird says:

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I need a boost , subscribe to my channel and I'll sub back thanks !

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