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Just how expensive is Istanbul, Turkey? I spend a day breaking down my expenses as a budget traveller, showing you the type of costs you can expect to find here for accommodation, food, sightseeing and transportation.

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Cora Zea – Early Rising

Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x
– iPhone 7

#istanbul #turkey #howexpensiveisistanbul?


april jane bascon says:

Nice video very informative😊

Nuia Slou says:

Its too expensive for us if you think to pay 25$ to a meal you'll understand.

Tron 3 says:

Thanks… I needed that personal view for people on a budget.

Land Of Soil says:

What is this, every sign is arabic… Last time i went to Istanbul there was no such thing, now it looks like a fucking arabic city. I'm a Turk and it really makes me sad that we lose our identity more and more every day. Now they started adding arabic to every shit for refugees, i fuckinf hate this shit.

rehan malik says:

Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 for our Turkish Brothers
Love to visit Turkey specially Istanbul

Ubah jama says:

Great video

Esteprime Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey says:

Welcome to Istanbul
Nice video Jason
my friend it is not kaddesi it is Jaddesi you say it with " J "
and the word "mer ha ba"

ngg ngg says:

Turkey not arabic

Muharrem Varlıklı says:

I got to say you realy are doing it cheap you 😀 65 tl a night for a hotel room ? 😀

Mahmut YILDIRIM says:

Thanks for acquainting Falafel to US Jason 🙂 I m living in Istanbul since 1988 and first time I learned this Falafel Kofte from this video 😀 😀 😀

Hamza Eren Zorba says:

Bu videoyu izleyince bir garip oldum lan 🙂

Abdullah Musa says:

Love Turkey From Bangladesh.. and ISTANBUL nice City..

ömer salih says:

Zoruma gidiyor arkadaş elin İngilizi gelip burda çatır çatır tatil yapıyor benim Türk insanım karnını zor doyuruyor.

kenan GOMUTAN says:

aq helal olsun adama fahri konsolosluk verilsin hemen. bu kadar güzel tanıtılır mı ülkemiz? kültür ve turizim bakanından daha yararlı olmuş ülkemize teşekürler…

йжчго дйягт says:

amk türkiyeye gelip falafel yemiş adam gibi türk yemeği ye sonra arap sanıyorlar

Aslı Erdemir says:

That tramway you filmed on istiklal, is the very first metro line on the earth.

Sedanur Alan says:

Welcome to Istanbul

Onur Furkan says:

Ne dedigini bi anlasak

Clement Wong says:

I went to turkey this year there was snow but not in Istanbul it was fun there only the food I don’t like it much

Hilal Gizem Erdoğan says:


abos4lem says:

Atleast say palestine the falfel you tried at a palestinian restaurant ..

Tatlı Sempati says:

Euro 8 lirayken gelseydin hayatı yaşardın bro

UndisputedGoku says:

Go to Turkey with 35000 and you are Mafia

Redar says:

I wanted to correct you for one thing… when you say İstiklal Caddesi, that "c" at the beginning is like j when you say John, Jack. it's a soft 'c' sound. so not 'k'addesi instead it's caddesi. I'm pointhing this out because I really couldn't understand what you say.

and for "merhaba" often times when talking quickly Turkish people tend to omit 'h' and just say "meraba" 🙂

Cem ARIK says:

Jason just please let me know for your next travel to İstanbul. There are more beautiful places you couldnt see.

İsmail AKSAY says:

Which language of that song at 12:00 ?

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