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How Cheap is a Vietnam Family Holiday? | Prices & Kids Travel Tips

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Budgeting for your vacay and wondering what the price of a Vietnam family holiday is? We break down all our travel costs from our trip.

Whether you’re travelling to Vietnam with kids or without and you’re curious to know just how much a trip will cost you, we break down the price of accommodation, food, transport, attraction costs, and much more. From Airbnbs, 5-star resorts and budget hotels – find out exactly how far your dollar can go in this magnificent country.

We cover all thinkable Vietnam prices that will help you budget for your trip, tips to help you save money, what scams to avoid, and how to find the best value food for the whole family

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Leon and Tash says:

Andy the man stepping up his game by getting on camera, now when do we get to see Tina's edits 🤔😜😂 How much room to spare did you have in that cot Tina, it looked like it was custom made for you 😁 Loving that finger snap / teleport like effect, awesome!!
Once again your info is all bang on, perfect. Love the suggestion of living on Banh Mi, we did for a while, just cos it tasted so good, haha. We'd definitely risk the runs for that delicious street food, everytime.😎

The Travels Of Z says:

I saved this video, very helpful. My family size is pretty similar to yours so this is very helpful tip. Thank you!

Ana Gastarova says:

Great video 👌

The TyKo Fam says:

Hey! Remember us from IG? Anyways, great tips guys! Vietnam is definitely on the bucketlist for us. Btw lovin your video style. We haven't posted much videos this year but this makes me want to get back into it again. You guys are so awesome! Keep up the great work! 👍

Jason Evenden says:

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The World n Us says:

Nice seeing you guys doing this one together. You're so good at it! Last time Elisa and I tried to do a video together it sucked so badly we ended up scrapping it and I just did it on my own.
Vietnam definitely looks budget friendly. My kind of place 👍 Don't know when we'll get the chance to visit there though. Maybe in a few years for us.

Sophia Grg Vlogs says:

We like ur all videos
Keep it up
Gurung family from Melbourne Australia

Fahida and The Heretic says:

Nice break down and I'm loving your creative transitions!

The Backpacking Family says:

Great video guys! Loved seeing you both on camera this time, you work really well together! lots of fun and as always great info!

Peter and Yen says:

O damn Andy from outta no where makes an appearance 😁👍 good to see you talking on the vlog. Yo Tina are you sleeping in a babies cot? 😂 $666 for a 5 star resort is a fair deal 👌 damn those finger snaps lol editing on point 👍

Nick and Helmi says:

1st! Notif squad! On point

Nick and Helmi says:

See i just arrived in jakarta , first thing i see tinaaa and andy new post! – and andy has appeared from his editing cave wahahha 🙏🤣

Big baby tina hahaha that crib 😆😆🥶 660 usd for 7 nights- steal mate 🤣🙏

Lmao the snapping fingers magic show- who does the snap better tina or andy haha – i guess 1 dollar to enter is probably more like a donation to upkeep the temple and cleanliness of the place since its become a tourist destination

🙏😀 wow street vendor ripping you off thats bad…

Bahn mi eh 😎- bahn mi eh tina? Nudge2 🥶 lmao hair bahn mi!

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