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How Airlines Price Flights

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American A321, Air Canada Q400 footage courtesy PDX Aviation

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Jefferson Domingo says:

In Canada, it cost $300 from Edmonton to Toronto one way. And if your flying from US to europe, it only cost $380 Round trip.

RandomGuineaPig Aviation says:

that concept about one way being more expensive than return is just dumb. if u were a passenger, you would pay for a return flight to london and come back the next day with a different return ticket so less than half of the one way.

Papa Tango says:

Why didn’t you also compare first class because fair pockets restrictions may be different.

JustSomeAnimatorPerson says:

That's not what Michigan looks like.

zeyuan liu says:

AC is truly shit. just milk canadians

Ryan says:

Thomas Cooke couldn’t hack the pricing 😂😂

kdgkh xx says:

Well its 2019 and i’m going to new york from athens. Just 200$. 😂 good times

Ryan Smith says:

I broke into a cold sweat with the New York to LA flight. Words problems are for monsters.

MrBannnnnny says:

11:46 2 C Dix lmaooooo

TIAviation says:

So if I’d fly from JFK to LHR I could better just buy a round trip ticket and don’t show up at the LHR-JFK flight…?

88 _Garnet says:

Blue Apron? how much do they pay, to be sent organic food? i hope its organic; if its suppose to be healthy. organic can mean an extra trip, but its not that hard to obtain anymore. You have to be absurdly busy, to have your meals shipped half way around the world for you; what a luxury. I mean, meals are everyday. And, you pay for each one, I guess; even if sent in bulk.

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