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Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

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Nothing like a confusing cocktail of love, nostalgia, and stress.

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Courtney Clark
Kerry Barker
Steve Brown
Katy Dore

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Katie Marovitch
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Annie Humphreville
Director Of Photography – Cooper James
Make Up Artist – Denise Renee Valentine
Production Designer – Chloe Badner
Sound Mixer – Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
Editor – Ryan Bender


Koals says:

You guys actually feel like this? Am I the only one who really enjoys their family?

Eat the Rich says:

Bruh the father looks exactly like my history teacher.

spy4863 says:

How about those relatives who hate everyone and whom everybody hates but only get invited and only come because “they’re family”! And the bratty little cousins/nieces/nephews/grandkids that break everything and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want and get jealous when someone gets something they want and they whine and cry about how it’s not fair that so-and-so got this and they didn’t! And then there’s the drunk uncle/brother-in-law/cousin who stumbles in already smashed out of his mind, gets even drunker, and winds up breaking a few bones that aren’t his own and smashing a few precious heirlooms that meant the world to you, and causing about 150,000 dollars in damage when they smash their beat-up old pickup into your brand new SUV?
Then of course there’s always the rich snobby bitchy aunt/sister-in-law/cousin who won’t stop bragging about their accomplishments and their money and their recent rich activities and their pricy outfits and 7 figure jobs and how many trips around the world they’re planning on THIS year but despite despite their vast wealth they always manage to give the cheapest, crappiest, most TASTLESS shit on the planet as gifts? And then of course there’s always those two sides of the family who absolutely HATE each other and the inevitable brawl that breaks out and weapons pulled that winds up with the police being called, 22 people arrested and hauled off to jail, 12 people being sent to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries from minor to near death, and at least two of those people are police officers, not to mention about 200,000 dollars worth of property damage when one of those drunken motherf$&@kers drives his truck right through the garage! Hope you have a great family party everyone!

Bi Furious says:

is there dad gay ?

Samanito7 says:

This channel is becoming progressively disappointing! Salute Generation snowflakes

Anthony Olmo says:

All I remember is my divorced parents arguing with me over who gets christmas morning and who gets the afternoon dinner. Btw the double presents is a sham

ᏩΣསⅇℜᎯℓ Ꮴipⅇr says:

Thankfully this isn’t true for any of it so far in my life. My family members always think it’s funny how long my hugs are but I do it because I want to be able to appreciate the moments I have with them in this short life and make sure they feel loved.
This also reminded me I need to talk to my grandparents more. I know it can get lonely in old age.

Sebastian King says:

The grandma was 100% Trapp

Kirbae says:

This is painful to watch

Potato7642 says:

And this is why I'm happy I'm in a Hispanic family, where we get smashed, have soup, get smashed again, and eat tamales all while singing.

The Sketch Book says:

This hurt me emotionally

Winston Churchill says:

This was really surprisingly wholesome

AhIn Smile says:

The dad is definitely gay

Maria Q says:

yOu CaNt UnDeRsTaNd Me

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