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Holiday Vlog! The Walker Family In Turkey 2016 Aska Lara Resort And Spa

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Welcome to my video! Hope you enjoy!

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Вадим Петровский says:

lost time in vain when watching this video

Carl Bebbington says:

What room number was this please

Konstantin S says:

Hi. Tell me pls, in what type of apt. you lived there?

Cringy_Milkshake says:

Is There A Jacuzzi In Every Room Or Did You Pay Extra As I’m Going In Two Weeks <3

Areeg Tariq I says:

Hi there just wanted to know is this a good place and is there any shops and bazaars around the area. I would love to hear your view

tetchie chai says:

Pinay living in Turkey with British man sub to sub to thanks Antalya

vato channel says:

fuckin orange hair baby

G says:

Hi there, thanks for the great video. Me & my partner are vegan & were wondering if you wouldn't mind telling us what options for food the hotel had?

Riyadh Ali says:

Wats local any shop or theme parks

Riyadh Ali says:

Hi am staying at a hotel near yours called Sherwood breeze wanted two ask

Mia Brennan says:

I'm going there in 20 days I'm so ecmxited

talha zien says:

thanks for video!

Julie Wooden says:

Looks amazing

Анастасия Пырх says:

what class is the room?

Andra Bazga says:

beatiful! i cant wait to go there 🙌

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