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Holiday Travel Tips for Families! | Kimmy from Millennial Moms

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The Holiday Season has officially arrived and that means all things travel! Visiting family or relatives for the holidays can be super stressful and time consuming. Today Kimmy shares her best tips for keeping the family organized and prepared for holiday travel chaos! From packing tips to travel prep – Kimmy’s got everything you need to be ready to hit the road this winter! Share your best travel hacks with us below! 💋

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Georgia Burton says:

Suckers help with ear popping too

Karideplov says:

I would never pack a bag per person, even if they are sharing. I’ve had my luggage lost by the airline and show up 1-2 days late (thankfully always on the way h9,e but it could always happen at the start of a trip). I always split outfits up amounts all the luggage, including carry-on. Are you going for a 2 week vacation and plan on doing laundry while there? Put pj’s and 1 outfit for each person in a carry-on, + the most essential toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and contact lens solution, especially of your flight has a layover. You may miss connecting flight and have to stay at a hotel in the airport (has happened to me 2 times now). Then I put 3 full outfits per person in each of my checked luggage along with other shoes, more pj’s, swimsuits, additionally toiletries like hair bows and make-up and razor, etc. For a family of 4, I always check 2 pieces of luggage. You now have a total of 8 outfits (including the clothes you are wearing on the plane) divided up into 3 pieces of luggage. If any luggage is lost or arrives a day or 2 after you, everyone in your group has clothes to sleep and dress for at least a day. If you put all your boys clothes in one suitcase, all girls in another and all adults in another and something gets lost then that person or those people will need to borrow clothes from a sibling or go out and buy new stuff for a day or two.

Baby Doll says:

Road trip edition possible? Especially when I am driving without help! I usually try and drive all night long and arrive in the early morning when I can then pass my little one off to my own mother and sleep myself for 4-5 hours if I'm lucky. Flying would be convenient if the airport wasn't 2 hours away. Also if buying a separate seat for my baby's car seat wasn't so expensive! Not to mention the nearest airport to my intended destination is slightly over an hour drive away as well. Lots of drive time either way! 😣 16 month old and typically would be driving with my two dogs as well. I'll check out your content and see if you have any road trip videos. But I'd definitely love your advice on conquering a road trip without help and perhaps not driving at night!

Donna says:

Excellent tips as usual Kimmy!!!!! ; )

Page Danielle says:

Kimmy, you’re total mom goals 😍

Asteria Raissya says:

Like it!! Thank you:) greeting from Indonesia

Sowing Agape says:

I could go for one of those snack bags right now 🤤

Giulie D says:

These are so helpful thanks 🙏

punkmtv says:

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allysyoutube says:

Just this weekend I flew thru Orlando and TSA said that soon we will need to pull out food separately (just like we do liquids). I think I’ll keep their individual snack bags in mine until after we get thru security.

Great tips- especially the Twizzlers!

Angie Ro says:

your the best

Jami Schlafer says:

in my opinion, skip the personal backpack unless you have one child! headphones and a book (reading, activity, sticker, etc) should be good for any trip. For car rides, definitely do books on tape and a small cooler for snacks. No need to individually wrap them in plastic (the horror!) or give them all at once (unless you have a 4yo who can control herself with snacks–God bless you).

hockeylovingmom says:

I love the individual backpack idea and also the snack bags. We typically travel on the road, but it's usually at least 4 hours so things can get pretty crazy.

Finding a way says:


Tee Me says:

Thank you Kimmy for the BEST tips & tricks ever!!! I watch MM because you are the best & I love She’s In Her Apron. 😘😘

LovedHappy says:

Ah this makes me so glad we’re only driving 45 minutes to my grandparents😅 great tips though Kimmy!

Chloe Bergeron says:

AHHHHH NNOO I is 2nd!! lol

Jackie Whelan says:

Hey great video 1st comment

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