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Holiday Feast Cheap, Cheap

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This is a quick way to fix a big holiday or birthday meal with lots of nutrition and good tasting secret dessert for less than the cost of a fast food hamburger, fries and beverage. I recommend this style of quick fixings for one or two people. It will save you hours of cooking. It is good to have a conventional oven for biscuits and a microwave for everything else. Enjoy your holiday.


Daddy Pike says:

They finally made the biscuits easy to open

Robert Sanchez says:

This is like Ikea hacks for food

dion staples says:

when i was alone for holidays i got cornish hens-just the right size for 1 person!

dollerfordoller says:

hmmmm…. maybe I should pick up a cherry pie myself, good way to round out a meal

Charles Jones says:

What the fuck man?

Skyler Robinson says:

thank you! i can't wait! im not going to starve, i bet you know the struggle Mr.Willett

Madison Rogers says:

You're amazing favorite youtuber

R. W. says:

Always enjoy your videos, Tom!

Rubber Chicken Films says:

A very fine looking meal, Tom. It's very hard to get a decent meal for under $7-10 these days. Time to break out the pumpkin pie soon πŸ™‚

Range Ryder says:

Please, dont eat holiday meals alone. I had that Hungry Man meal alone on Christmas Eve once, the one with turkey and cherry cobbler. I seriously cried in the middle of eating it. I was snowed in the base, I was in the military at the time and too depressed to go to the mess hall. I know that feel, bro. Do you have neighbors to eat with sometimes?

cah7516 says:

What a feast! Nice job editing on this one

aducksecho says:

I would heat that in a glass container just be safe

3jzrc says:

Thanks Tom, happy 6th of September

Bog Boy says:

This was great keep it up

Benjamin Alexander says:

Nice lesson Tom! I live in Florida and am threatened by hurricane Irma. What should I cook for the storm?

dakert40 says:

Hi Tom, like a regular holiday meal, just hearing about all that food made me feel stuffed πŸ™‚ All my favorites too

Caca TV says:

Hi Mr. Tom… I would like your opinion about the situation of Trump v/s North Korea. I would like to hear a normal american person talking what it's feeling, how is the ambient, what think about that, what you hear on news etc. In Chile we have many differents points about that, and yes, we think Kim Jong is a completly crazy person, but about Trump we have a diffused point of view because the people think he's racist and all that… I read a book of Trump and I think is a smart guy, but very impulsive….
Well, big hug, sorry my english, I try to speak the best I can. Greetings!

veetaleey says:

long live Tom Willet :}

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