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Holiday at Munnar: Day 0 || Travel Tips || Salu Plus

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Featuring our tips and travel to Munnar. We have booked our stay at Dream Catcher Plantation Resort. Due to late booking, we didn’t get the same room for 2 days. Do plan early.

For more information about Dream Catcher plantation resort: http://dreamcatchermunnar.com, 9745803111 / 9526015111

You can mail me at : saluplus2018@gmail.com

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chithra k5r says:

Nizar ikka super….

tech travel food by shijokaniyamparambil says:


Firos Khan says:

Itha tvm proper evidaa place..

Hiba Shihab says:

ningldeyum husnde familiyeyum knikn ptumo

Horizon Valley says:

sshho..kothiyakunnu pokan..

Fanu Gayis says:


Divya Shree says:

Nicee video

Adna S says:

Sameera itha trivandrum evideyan ningalude veed please reply me

husn yass says:

ഇതിന് ശേഷം വിഡിയോ പോസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്തോ ,,,, കിട്ടിയിട്ടില്ല. ,,,,മറുപടി പ്ലീസ്

Shahid Shemi says:

ithaaaaa…resot rate okke onnu clear aayi parayo

Ganga Dhar says:

Ayyo ee timeil povane kettapozhe enike tension aayi……. Have a safe happy journey 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 njan full kandilla , will watch later and comment……. Guest ullade konde really busy

raj prr says:

Ohh my God. Kothamangalam muthal ente heart beat koodi. Ente neryamangalam palam, ente cheeyapparakkurh vellachattam. Ividirunnu kond ente munnar vare kanan pokunna thrill ilanu jnan. Resort il ninnum kurachu dooram undallo munnar nu. Thengu kandappol thonni. Munnar thengu kanathillallo. Anachal vazhiyanu poyathennu manasilayi. Resort ariyilla. 12 yrs aayi nattil yrly twice vannu pokunna aalanu.
Sameeratha santhosham aarambhichitte ullu. Ithonnumalla munnar. Poyi adichu polikku. Sweater eduthittundallo alle.?

noushu cool says:

Nisar ikka good information…

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