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Guide to easy Travels – Travel Tips, Essentials and Outfit

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This Guide will help you to make your next Adventure stress-free!
I hope you enjoy this Travel Video and took some tips and Inspo from it.
There’s a Giveaway at the end of this Video so stay tuned. Here are the rules to enter:

1. You must be Subscribed to my Channel Faithincuteness
2. Comment; How you stay entertained during travelling?

The Winners will be announced in a Video going up after this giveaway is closed on the 16th of May.
I will contact the winner on the 17th of May. Make sure that you don’t give any personal info to anyone except my Channel Faithincuteness. (If the winner doesn’t answer for a week I’ll randomly pick a new one)
This Giveaway is international 😀
Wish you all best of luck!

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Snapchat: Cutesupercat

Here’s my Video all about Carry on Essentials:

More of Jusuf:
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/faithincuteness

Thanks for watching Fluffballs!
I worked hard on this Video especially filming at the airport was a challenge but it turned out good I guess.
Excited to show you the Videos I filmed during my Break.
xo Jusuf


Erica Gritter says:

Your really pretty btw

mixed fandoms says:

I like reading maze runner again and again at the airport.I love this video so much I watch it so many times❤

Kate Rochester says:

How old is she?

A Dreamer says:

can you make another video like this?

Anu Chaudhry says:

loved d clear phone cover for photo :)

Sophie of the summer says:

Never forget lipbalm/Chapstick, never.

Tumbrl Boy says:

From where did she buy her backpack?

Elisa Safira says:

I'd like to prepare my playlist music on joox becos I one of their members, usually I'm using macaron headphone but I still bring earphone and I'd like to bring some novel during travel. I like novel so so so so muuchhhhhh <3 xx

Lux Ward says:

make a movie marathon list, good spotify playlist (like yours ;)) and bring a good book or two. sometimes also a notebook to draw in and card games if I'm travelling with friends or family!

Niss_ Na says:

you remind me of maybaby?

Jada RiveraTv says:

I like to read a book or listen to some peaceful music, it really helps me get comfy and have a nice peaceful flight

Rozy D. says:

I love your white blue ombré sweater??

sg96 says:

film how you pack your suitcase+carry-on! it'd be really fun to watch, thanks.

Lucinda Huang says:

Jusuf, where did you get your pink sun glasses?

Sanna Mansson says:

Where are you from??

Karisse Maceda says:

At some angles she looks like Smackle from Girl Meets World!

Tøp Iloveyou says:

Since I live in the u.s, I always have to remember that it's normal for people (outside of u.s)to travel to different countries. I'm use to only traveling to different states?

Liane Santiago says:

This is your first ever video I have ever watched and I just loved it! You just earned a new subscriber. ?

Official Peruin says:

You look like Madison Beer???

Ly Seyn says:

Damn, what camera do you use? Really loving the quality.

hagar shohat says:

its or I'm talking with my family or I watch stuff on the TV or I sleep

Bluejeans says:

Youre so pretty and cutee?gurl ur hair?

Liz Arellano says:

She kinda looks like Madison Beer

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