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going on vacation with my family

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come to mexico with my family and I

Instagram: @josiejabs
Twitter: @josie_jabs_
VSCO: josiejabs
Pinterest: Josie Jabs
Spotify: josiejabs

How old are you? 18
Where do you live? Wisconsin
How tall are you? 5’9″

If you are a business wanting to contact me-email me here: josiejabs19@gmail.com (business inquires only)


Julie Coronado Palacios says:

I felt so bad for Brady omg

danica rickard says:

what do you edit with?

Lili333 P says:

Omg I was in Tulum too!!

Andrea Todorovic says:

where do you find soooo good music ps. lov ya <3

Abby D says:

Dose your brothers have a YouTube channel??

Ava Cabrera says:

I am going to Cancun July 7 for 7 days and I luv u ♡♡ꨄꨄ

Colleen Park says:

wait omg Josies freckles are so cute, I feel like she really belongs somewhere sunny

Rachel Hedderman says:

Brady is so cute omg I’m 13 too 😂🤗

Elyse Scott says:

NFL star right there ilyyy

Maya Varma-Wilson says:

when she’s cute
and savage

Esti Garcia says:

I looooooove her videos

- B a b e says:

Her dad trying to catch the wow, made me laugh so hard. Love you and your family <33

Maya Varma-Wilson says:

we’re in 27302 come kidnap us


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