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Full-Time Traveling Family – Introducing The Bucket List Family

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We are The Bucket List Family!! August 2015 we sold everything and left our home in Utah, USA for an adventure around the world! Each week, we share a new video from a new destination. You can also follow our travels on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook (links below).

We love hearing connecting with new people from all around the world so we hope you will subscribe to our channel and comment often. Let us know where you are from and share your thoughts and feedback! Much love from us to you!

Happy Travels!! Sincerely,

The Bucket List Family


Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thebucketlistfamily/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thebucketlistfamily/

Snapchat : https://www.snapchat.com/add/bucketlistfam

Website and Blog : http://www.thebucketlistfamily.com/

Our Shop : https://shop.thebucketlistfamily.com/



The Greatest Adventure: Family says:

Oh my gosh I LOVE this channel. I also have a family travel vlog also traveling frequently with my two kids but I LOVE seeing that there are other families out there doing it to. I was really discouraging to me looking through so many travel blogs and seeing most of them were either single, dating or married with no kids.
You guys rock.

Ruth Crawford says:

This is my DREAM. To travel the world. How did you get into this and afford a lifestyle like this?!😍😍

Becca Lee says:

You guys have humble beginnings and I LOVE that, but honestly, you two were born to be philanthropists!! It's in your DNA. I applaud your efforts. I would love to aspire to this life, while not practical for us normal 9-5 ers, a couple dream trips a year or every other year is good enough!

Me casé con un suizo y soy mexicana. says:

following you guys a couple of weeks now. Love your videos and adventures. Keep on living the dream…

Apple Cruz Mariñas says:

Hi Im Apple Mariñas from the Philippines. Such inspiring videos. I’m a mom of 2 boys and I know that there’s more to learning for them outside the comfort of their classrooms. Good job raising beautiful people like Dorothy and Manilla!

Team Clements says:

HI Garrie and jessica, Fisr I have watched your videos in Discovering roots since I tried to look for your videos in youtube and I found this one…it is so awesome and very humbling hearing about your story. I have been dreaming to the world and thru your channel I can see it. Very nice videos and love it. I hope you will also show the food. of different countries,

Naima & Istiak: The Traveler Couple says:

Lovely video! Makes me want to explore more and more! We love travelling and have recently started our youtube travel channel to share our travel moment with others and inspire them to travel. Also love watching others like yourself and It would be awesome if we follow and support each other to inspire, share ideas and motivate.

Andrea Reyes says:

Wow! My mouth just dropped! I cant believe the level of education your kids are getting… I mean, this is how we need to teach our kids: love one another. Great job!

Michael Holley says:

this is so cool!

Teresa Flor says:

Found your channel today 🙂 I'm happy for you! That's what life is about keep being awesome

Joao Paulo says:

Hey Guys. I'm super excited to watch your Youtube videos. This was my first and the intro is a dream. Best of luck. Cheers

Big Dreamer says:

Congrats! Can t wait to welcome baby#3

MoPo789 says:

How do you afford this? I mean selling everything but you'd run out of money eventually???

dayenjoyer says:

I thought about studying a course about the psychology of happiness; but after I found your videos; I ditched the idea. Thank You

Sarah Smith says:

Can you adopt me

Zoë Loves Gymnastics says:

Do you have someone helping with filming sometimes???

Marylou Quilla says:

Just subscribed in your channel I'm left behind but no worries I still can view all your videos! God bless your whole family and take care all of you on your journey

Damian R. says:

But do the kids get school? Just curious

Rixt says:

So beautiful! Had to cry… hahaha, love you guys! <3

dave mills says:

Thanks 🤙

Lynette Liang says:

greeting form China🇨🇳 come and visit someday!

Famille Trotteuse says:

Wow, what a fantastic family adventure! We just started our own youtube channel and you are inspiring. Please check it out if you have any time at some point (!) : we would be happy to have advice from an experimented travelling family. By the way: our site is in French 😉 thanks!

Miss Jew Cronin says:

I could do this too if I made as much money as you do… Does it make you sad that Disney could have given people who can't afford a vacation but instead gave it to you?

Noah van Staverden says:

I really like the idea of traveling around the world with your family, but I was wondering how you are going to do that when your kids are at the age that they sort of need to go to school😊?

Dear India Rose says:

Amazing family!

Forever Adventure says:

I just discovered you today and have fallen in love with your family. Greetings from Rhode Island!

Erin Catakli says:

Literally family goals❤️❤️

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